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Recent content by disgustipated

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    "What are you doing the rest of the day?"

    You. Bring da moviez.
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    Massive guys Migrating to The Gym Serious Gear Question?

    I've never took a bodybuilding drug, once. It probably shows haha. But, I'm 40 and constantly get asked what I do for a workout etc from younger and older guys/women alike. I'm willing to bet I'm not as chiseled or huge as some as you guys but still get compliments. I can't even lift with...
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    Sex in the relationship

    Pm me please Epi, the primer pdf if you could. Thanks.
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    Sex in the relationship

    Kinda in same boat. Been with her 2 years and sometimes we only do it once a week. I need at least twice. I began reading RT, CH, and here for ways to flip it....mostly frame issues i thought. Most of the advice focused on withdrawing what you contribute to her....attention, touching...
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    Disgustipated log

    5:22 mile race tody. Satisfied. Would love to bust 5 mins as a 40 yo but I'm on to different things. Btw tons of hot fit girls at the event. Not single though.
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    Disgustipated log

    21 mins and change for my warm up 5k race. Tough course too. Think ill forgo my actual 5k race, satisfied knowing I'm in the 20 minute vicinity with very little training. And I don't want to be tempted into breaking 20 minutes because I've lost enough weight as it is. Sub 180 which is really...
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    Alpha widows

    Rollo never answers my emails so I'm asking you guys for your take on this. Are they a lost cause? Have you ever managed to make one forget about the alpha before you? If so, how? Is there a successful way to deal with these women?
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    Disgustipated log

    Friday, busted a sub 14 min 2 mile tempo run in prep for upcoming 5k. Extremely hard effort for me, maybe over did it. Be happy with a sub 7 min 5k pace though.
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    It's an inside out job

    My new epiphany on this is, all these single moms and single, career driven women are always complaining about men and how they need to man up, or step up basically so they can fall back, relax...go on autopilot and let the man lead basically. Well, one ****king prob with that....these women...
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    I'm clinically depressed and I don't give a fvck.

    I hope you pull through this. I always equate strength and a no Bs approach to your name. So when someone like you who doesn't seem to ever whine about anything, it seems more serious. In my life I've seen the strongest men I've known break down over various things....its humbling because I...
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    How do I suck her into my world?

    I guess nothing is stopping me other than her beating me to the punch. If she has a list of stuff we could do , she typically picks fun stuff that I just agree with. But that puts her in the lead. I don't know, just reading your question kinda gave me a new angle on why can't I come up with...
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    How do I suck her into my world?

    What is your hobby?
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    How do I suck her into my world?

    I see her on the weekends. I go to her. She's in the city, I'm not so there's typically more things by her. She's always pre planning stuff which is cool but it takes me out of the lead or planner position. I feel this dynamic isn't sustainable. My week is work. Work out. Go home and...
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    Disgustipated log

    Been so slack about updating this. I do workout I swear lol. Today was leg day, remember some of the poundage is purposely low. 90 lb leg extensions for 15 reps, to warm up. 2 plates, deep back squat like 5 reps for warm up. 155 back squat 2x8. 1x12 95 front squat 2x8, 1x12 Leg...
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    Disgustipated log

    100 pushups today because I skipped gym. Got 70 plus decent form but had to Eek out the rest with rests at the top of the pushups, arms extended. Not sure if that counts really but I've surely not been able to approach 100 even with rests in one set before.