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    So does 'speed seduction' actually work?

    It seems a little far fetched, that mimicking vocal inflections will automatically send sexual impulses into a woman's brain and make her be all over you in minutes. I looked at, and I'm not really buying into it, partly 'cause it sounds like b.s., and it seems easier not...
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    Do women really care if the guy looks young for his age?

    Do girls care much when the guy looks young for his age? I look 4 or 5 years younger than I really am, so a lot of times people think I'm in high school. Is that a big issue with women? I've dated younger and older women, so it isn't crippling my dating. In my experience, the older women seem...
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    How to tell if an extroverted or shy woman is interested in you.

    That's very true. I'm interested in a shy girl people say she acts different around me. She acts more spontaneous around her friends, but when I walk into the group she focusses her eyes and conversation on me. At the same time she keeps her distance and looks a little tense and unsure. I'm...
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    Tips for engaging in "small-talk" with total strangers?

    Talking with total strangers, mainly girls who are sending eye contact and smiles toward you, can be akward, like when she's with a group of friends, none of whom you know. Sometimes, it makes it harder when she isn't at a place that reflects her interests, like at a grocery store. What's the...
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    Best way to answer "Do you have a girlfriend?"

    What's the best reply to the comment? I've been asked that question, but my answer is usually the stale "I'm dating around". So what are some good responses to that question?
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    # of sex partners...a true swagger

    I heard that college girls talk about sex just as much as guys, but girls actually tell the truth. Some of you people, bragging about sleeping with married women, sound like scum bags.
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    What types of personalities in women usually attract guys?

    I read something on personalities that attract women, like the "bad boy" (her daddy wouldn't approve), the "seducer" (Don Juan), and "artist" (emotion and passion sitting underneath a calm exterior). What types of personalities do men find magnetic? An idea of what makes us go for certain women...