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Was I over-reacting, and what would you have done?


Senior Don Juan
Nov 23, 2022
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I agree. Despite the advice on the other thread I am still 5% open to having a baby so in a bit of limbo - i.e. not ending the relationship.

Why I am 5% open? As despite some tantrums she is attractive, slim, perfect ass, intelligent, humorous, clean (easy to live with), great in bed, religious (important to me), great with my family, and hardly drinks. Finding that above age 40 in New Zealand is RARE.
If that's why you're staying with her despite her behaving like a 4-yo and wanting a kid while she is 40+, you can date younger women.

Giovanni SouthSide

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Aug 5, 2022
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Tijuana, Mexico
Fvck that. Now a days I rather have a woman respect and fear me than love me.
Love has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight. But her respect and fear of you will linger for some time. Sometimes that can be a turn on for them.
Im not saying to smack or whip her with the belt but to show some aggression here and there in your demeanor and character. Be manly as fvck. She will feel it and not want to poke the beast especially if you fvck her till her lights are out.
She will toe the line and not disrespect you with these stunts.
This one should be iced out to disregard status. She 40 to much trauma from past relationships anyway