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Urgent Help: Harassment accusation

bat soup

Master Don Juan
Apr 10, 2020
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UPDATE of **** getting out of hand even more:
She is back participating in group activities. She has been telling her version of events to other people, not sure how many know but I feel how the mood has changed for people around me.

During presentation of final group projects she tells that she has made a project of her own and reads a ****ing text of her experiences during this event (without mentioning my name) but addressing me like "you" and her as "I" where she had a trembling voice at times. She said that the guy entering the room was the reason I stopped and didn't mention any of the backstory. I sat through it and later, when I went out from the place and was standing by myself trying to stay collected after the bomb that was just released on me she went out and started joking with one of her diehard fan club friend in front of me making an effort to seem that she had a good time which was quite a bizarre experience in itself.

I have not apologised to her and have not talked to her anymore after that. She wanted to avoid my presence and I matched her actions and ignored her and her fanclub completely. One of the fanclub friends couldn't hold the facade and started talking to me somewhat.

The main girl has now gone back to her country now aswell as me.
She's probably some kind of toxic attention whoare and she milked this for all it was worth.

But you made a big mistake which you need to learn from. Don't make sudden moves like this with women.

You have to actually give women the choice to accept or reject each move you make. If you move suddenly they won't be able to do that.

This reminds me of one time I was talking to a guy at a hostel and he suddenly tried to grab my ****. I didn't even know he was gay, let alone that he thought I was interested just because I was having a conversation with him. This kind of behaviour gets you punched in the face by a man. With a woman, it gets you reported.

If you had just done something normal, like moved close to her, her reaction (moving away) would have told you that she's not interested. If a girl isn't cooperating you have to stop.


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Oct 29, 2008
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You got yourself in a bad situation there buddy. Definitely an attention wh..e. She's milking this for whatever she can get out of it at your expense. I'd say your reputation there is done. There's nothing you can do or say that will fix the situation with this group of people. I'd exit asap


Master Don Juan
Sep 24, 2019
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I think the key takeaway is avoid making any sudden moves with women. Anything that could shock or surprise them should be avoided.

Even when a girl does like you, making a sudden move can turn her off.
That's why people say women are like horses. They scare easily.

Also, why not clear things with her already?
She was giving you signals, even if not for the right reason. I'd confront her. Why wouldn't I enjoy my time there being phased out with people getting the wrong idea. Why not tell her that she teased you like a little girl that likes you? If she says you forced her or something, admit that you made a mistake by being more direct.

Am I crazy for standing up for myself?
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