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Jan 11, 2003
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Hey Fingers, nice to that you're happy!

My friend lives in San Sebastián in Basque country, and I'm gonna visit him this summer. Is that around where you are?


Jul 14, 2005
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Monte Carlo, Monaco
Originally posted by MVP
The story of Jesus was copied from previous religions.

Examples of stories that all PRE-DATE Jesus:

The story of Mithra: born from virgin on Dec 25, attended by shepherds bearing gifts, considered great traveling teacher, had 12 disciples, followers promised heaven, performed miracles, sacrificed himself, buried in a tomb and 3 days rose again, , considered "Savior", sacred day was Sunday (hundreds of years before appearance of the story of christ), and is quoted as saying "He who shall not eat of my body nor drink of my blood so that he may be one with me and I with him, shall not be saved."

The story of Attis: born Dec 25, considered savior, his body as bread was eaten by worshippers, was both the divine Son and Father, crucified on a tree, after 3 days was resurrected

The story of Dionysus: born on Dec 25 to a virgin, traveling teacher, rose from the dead, identified with the lamb

There are many others, including Horus, which is considered the biggest "influence" on the story of Jesus.
I checked all these claim, but they just seem made up. I ask myself, where is the text??? I need direct text and literal words from these so called false Claims

Why is all this stuff being said by some person with no credentials. This is very hard to believe.

I mean anyone can copy a religion but meat is how do you back it up. Maybe you MVP are the savior of the world, born on the 25th, born of a virgin. I mean come on.


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Dec 21, 2002
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Originally posted by CLOONEY
This part is not a way to have a good relationship. You will make her insecure, and if the chance comes up for her to cheat, she just may do it.

Maybe the flirting is ok, but definately not getting numbers infront of her. And I personally, would barely even do the flirting, as I dont really want my girl to do it back to me. Easier to have a healthy relationship without the jealousy, and let her know your a great catch, simply by being all those things (they have been listed in other threads regarding LTRs) that woman love.
Amen to this. Just watch yourself Fingz, you don't want to get on the bad side of your fiance already. However, I do agree that the game must be maintained throughout the relationship, but in a way that doesn't make your girl jealous. Meaning, not bringing home numbers that get thrown away. Plus, if she ever suspects you of cheating, you don't have too much ground to stand on.

However I may not be married, but I can understand the dynamics of soon to be... As I'm soon to be :)

PS: bbestar, stay on topic, this is not a religious thread.