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Senior Don Juan
Dec 21, 2016
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Its sad, Im 28, started ****ing 2 years ago, and holy **** has this game with girls taken its toll on me.

I first met a single mom, whom I ofc loved with all my heart since she was my first, and it really ate me up inside to see again and again that the more I "loved" her the more cold she went. I thought to myself that the world is a ****ing disgrace, and women are evil, it hurt so much to find out about this for the first time in my long emotional virgin life.

I have since banged a few hookers abroad, making one of the *** Im pretty sure of which is a funny memory, but I had to take a **** pill cause I was so emotionally and physically tired from gaming alone for the first time in my life in Greece that summer, and ending it with my first ex.

I started studies last semester, something completely different than what I have a natural talent for, engineering. There I asked the hottest girl in class out on a date, and she was cold from the first time I saw her out, and it destroyed me. I couldnt understand a thing but I started chasing anyway, I couldnt believe that she said yes to a date and then acting so cold, it confused the hell out of me, and later I had to give that up.

Recently met a hot teacher on tinder, thought I had finally gotten what I deserved in life, girlfriend material. A woman with everything sorted out it seemed. Got her straight to my place on the first date actually, and got 2 lays that week even though I struggled to get it hard the first time so I took a **** pill to be sure. The sad part about that is when I had her in the couch I know she knew I was nervous, and it hurts that I couldnt show her my confident side, I was trying so hard that I couldnt get my **** hard when it mattered, and it is just horrible! Never thought I would end up in a situation like that in my life!

So what came out of it? Well duh I tried desperately for a third lay to show her that I can do better but she had already made up her mind about me and that sex was out of the picture, but I chased!! Oh boy if I just chat her up, if I just swallow her lies for a few more weeks I will have my third lay! YES! She wanted to go Christmas shopping by her initiative, now I got her! Only to get more lies as I pushed for sex again.

Moral of the story: My god, the chasing NEVER EVER works, and it is SOOOOO hard to get it into my ****ing brain even though the evidence is starting to mount up. My god how much pain do I need to understand this? I promise to edit this post if I even encounter a situation where I can turn it around lol

Sorry for wall of text guys, something to relate to for the lulz:)


Don Juan
Sep 21, 2017
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This is the post linked above, that every fvcking bluepill should read.

"Man affections vs boy affections

a while back i finally figured out what makes a good relationship.

most of the gamey talk is all focused on getting laid. getting laid is the easiest thing in the world, after you do it for a while. what’s not nearly as simple is to maintain an excellent relationship. i’m going to venture out on a limb and say that MOST relationships are crap. and yet it’s really just two fundamental principles, that determine the success of any relationship. it’s ridiculous that it took me so long to figure this out.

my relationships used to be sort of average. have a girlfriend, sometimes you get along, sometimes you don’t. sometimes she’s a ****, sometimes she’s nice. sooner or later there are the annoying bits of jealousy and wondering if she’s cheating, and then all the arguments and breakups. standard ****.

to figure out why most relationships suck, eventually you have to look at the type of emotional connection you are seeking:

emotional validation from your partner
being able to ‘trust’ your partner
support from your partner
sort of, almost unconditional love from your partner, ‘as you are’
seeking approval from your partner
there’s more aspects, but that’s probably enough to make the point we’re getting to.

we are simple creatures. we are programmed to have an emotional connection to the opposite sex. to get a little weird about it for a second though, think about how this programming expresses itself:

there are only two types of man-love our brain is wired for.

one, the love you got, wanted to get, hoped for, maybe experienced – from you mother, as a child. that’s a key kind of emotional connection to the female. and, as much as that sounds ****ed up, it’s the type of connection most men are trying to find again in their adult life – from a girlfriend / wife.

seriously consider this. look at the few bullet points above. what kind of ‘love’ is that? let’s not judge it, just look at it objectively. that’s how most men view love. they don’t think about it consciously, but that’s the love they got to experience as a child.

here’s some news: no girl will ever love you like your mom did.

before we get a bit more into that, let’s look at the other type of man-love our brain has wiring for:

the love a father has for his daughter.

again, we have to remove all the incestous, sexualized, weird bits of it, and just look at the emotional components that drive the type of interaction, expectation, dependence, and outcome. how does a father love his daughter?

giving emotional validation to the child
rationing trust, with having ‘hand’ – control
providing support
molding her in his image
giving approval, as long as the child does at it is supposed to
compare these bullets to the ones above. how do you feel about that? take out the mother / daughter thing. just look at the giving & taking ratios, look at where the control lies.

there is always control in a relationship. question is just – who has it?

there is no other emotional romantic connection wiring in our brain. it’s either seeking the love you got from your mother as a child, or creating the love you get from your offspring.

everything manosphere talks about fits into this model. the whole concept of ‘beta’ is embodied in how men deal with women who they want maternal love from. they are the weak ones, seeking approval, expecting this ocean of support, putting a woman on a pedestal. and guess what – it works for ****. mom love is done after you are grown up. realizing that means having to step away from that, coming to terms with the fact that this kind of emotional bond is DONE. being a man means being at the top of the social hierarchy. on the flip side, relationships suddenly work incredibly well when you treat a girl not like an adult that you look up to, an adult that you seek validation from – but like a child.

think about it. **** tests? from an adult, maybe. but a child? how do you treat a child who **** tests you? well … a lot of men haven’t grown up enough to be called men, so they still wouldn’t know. but for some of us, all that’s missing is this conscious realization. you don’t seek the validation of a child, do you? you don’t ask a child if it’s ok for you to go out, do you? when you want a child to do something, how do you address it?

i’m not saying, ‘be a ****’. you still game children, a lot. you want to reward them for good behavior. dealing with kids isn’t easy, either. but if you figure that out, then you also figure out a healthy relationship with a girl. i don’t really believe that the ‘******* game’ is a fully evolved strategy. it’s just better than wanting a replacement mom. so when a girl has the choice between a grown up (who is an *******) vs a sniveling boy who wants a mother – she will of course pick the *******.

but give her the choice between a father figure, an *******, and a sniveling boy and the father figure will win, every time. part of that is giving validation, creating boundaries, being clearly in control.

if you want a great relationship, start reading parenting psychology books (not the new age feminist ones). and dog training books. you can take this however far you want, once you get comfortable. xsplat likes to go full on daddy. it’s a genius move. a bit depraved? maybe. but better than the advocates of game stuff who act like children themselves – basically saying ‘treat girls like you are 12 and in a sandbox with a girl’. and better than mainstream culture which puts out disney **** and romantic comedies that all emulate maternal love relationships (which don’t exist).

my relationships have become something entirely different since i started taking the father figure approach. girls love it. they are willing to do anything and everything, and the general bull**** from girls is maybe 5% of what it used to be – before i figured this out.

Original Source: http://www.cedonulli.com/healthy-vs-****ty-relationships-two-principal-types-of-love/"
This post blew my mind. Quite the education


Senior Don Juan
Dec 12, 2017
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Salt Lake City
I think we should clarify that just because a girl is refusing you doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't like you. Even if a girl says she likes you, if she's not doing her part of what needs to happen for you to be together, then you should write her off.
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Don Juan
May 2, 2019
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I agree with 99% of it. I do see instances where people give bad advice here that can only make the situation worse. However, if a few people say the same thing there's a good chance it isn't bad advice