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Tips on Getting Shredded in Real Life?


Master Don Juan
Nov 27, 2017
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After that. This thread should have been closed. Cut out the Bull**** until you reach your goal and then maintain it. It's a lot easier to maintain than getting there. Oh 6000kcal and single digit, especially with alcohol , forget it.
Yeah basically. The only way to do it.


Senior Don Juan
Jul 17, 2019
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Yeah I drink those all the time. In the “Aggressive Fat Loss: Guide to Drinking” by Kinobody, he says that when you drink, all the calories should come from the liquor itself. If you’re getting calories from sugary mixers, you’re fvcking up.

So he recommends vodka sodas, or a Jack and Diet Coke. Greg Doucette always recommends Diet Coke so I opt towards that.

I know there’s probably no baseline, but what’s the max amount of drinks you would say before it starts negatively impacting your test?
I’m not sure about the science in terms of units of alcohol, but if you binge drink on the weekend, your test will be recovering until about mid-week. Hence why the Monday after a party weekend is rough. If you’re concerned about booze and T, keep it to 3 drinks max. Personally I can’t do that if I’m out drinking, nor can I say no to a glass of cold beer, which is much worse for T than drinking soy milk (hops is a very active phytoestrogen). It’s up to you how strict you want to be.

The thing to watch out for mixing with Diet Coke is the aspartame and caffeine content, and it’s also gross. Generally speaking brown spirits have more congeners, a compound that makes hangovers worse since your liver works harder to process it. You’ll notice a more puffy, red face the morning after a wine or whiskey night.

Good vodka (I prefer Tito’s and Ketel 1) is distilled multiple times to remove impurities and contains no congeners, and the seltzer dilutes it and keeps you hydrated.


Master Don Juan
Aug 24, 2020
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What a dumb concept. Just has to have alcohol but wants to be ripped.
It’s like the guy who wants to be smart and still have THC in his system. Despite this fat soluble substance proving to lower intelligence. Duh.