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The Worst Pain Of All.. Tooth Pain?


Master Don Juan
Aug 1, 2013
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Tooth pain is unbearable...I had an abscess once and I literally wanted to cry...all I could do was focus on the throbbing and I could almost literally feel my heartbeat through that tooth.
Yes mate.. I ended up with dry socket and an infection on top of that.. The pain was unbearable.. Antibiotics have cleared it up somewhat now


Master Don Juan
Aug 6, 2009
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Yeh I'm pretty sure tooth ache is worse
I might believe that if a woman told me (that it's worse than childbirth). Here's my toothache story:

I had an infected tooth and went to the dentist, got started on some painkillers and antibiotics. For whatever reason, whatever he gave me wasn't touching the pain, so out of desperation I started taking a few other things to make it stop, because it was driving me crazy (Yes, bad idea, I know, don't do this kids - I was young and stupid). I went to work and worked a full shift in misery, and I kept popping different analgesics along with the prescription. But still nothing touched the pain.

So I got off work, drove home, got into my yard and I became extremely nauseous (from all the pills I had taken, I'm sure), and I sunk to my knees in the grass and vomited. Funny thing, right after that I felt fine and my tooth stopped hurting, and it was fine from then on. Either the antibiotics finally kicked in, or the toxic level of painkillers I had taken finally did the job. But again, don't try this at home.


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