The Art of Seduction

Nov 28, 2017
The focus must be on yourself, being a good fruit, but, also, living your life and your dreams. So the attraction is just a mere consequence of who you are. This is what Pook said, and I believe he's right.
In fact, Greene teaches this in other words, I don't remember the chapter, but it is in the story about Lou Salomé and Rilke. Rilke was a nice man, but he fell in the moment that he putted more importance in Lou Salomé than in life, in the joy of life, and in himself. She got bored and left him. "Never bore a girl", said the Pook. But there was no Pook at that time, and the poor Rilke crashed and burned. And so was Froid and Nietzsche! As you guys see, we are MUCH more lucky than these guys...