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Pete Davidson now banging Emily Ratajkowski...dude is on a roll...


Don Juan
Sep 3, 2022
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I wonder how many of these women are lining up because they want to see what it's like to fvck a dude with a porn star sized c0ck(9+ inches) knowing it might be the largest one they ever get a chance to fvck/suck?

Is curiosity about that type really a thing for women?

Like a guy that might be too big for her to handle or fit in her mouth but she wants to try and see if she can do it?

Or fantasies about him being too big and hurting her but he won't stop and forces her to take it all?

@catsmeow2 @BeExcellent @LiveYourDream
I'm definitely into size BUT it's gotta be on the 'right' man, a man I am attracted to, vibe/click with and with whom there's energy/chemistry happening.

Not into fvcking or even fantasizing about random dudes and their d*cks no matter how big there are. Honest to gawd truth.

But yeah the right guy having his huge 9-inch c0ck bulging, you betcha I'd be all over that!

The typical vag is quite flexible but I don't mind a little pain; in the ass might be a bit hard to take though. :oops:

This was when I was single of course. Currently I've got no complaints.
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