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May 31, 2020
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Age 30+: Around age 30 is when I fully made the transition from being a primarily meeting women at night guy to a meeting women in the day guy. One of the things I learned in the 23-29 era is that weeknights are better at bars than Fri/Sat night. However, it is difficult for most white collar working guys to be out at the bar until midnight-2 am on Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning and be functional at work the next days. While there may be fewer women out on Tuesday/Wednesday nights, the ones who are out are more motivated than the Fri/Sat crowd, which is more interested posturing for attention and taking good Instagram pictures than finding some sort of relationship (short or long term). My jobs have required attentiveness starting at 8 or 8:30 am, so the weeknights at the bars have never been ideal for me.

Starting around age 30, if you find yourself single, you're going to be more of a lone wolf type. Your friends are mostly in multi-year relationships. A large % of them are married, and depending on where you are in your 30s, some are having babies. A lot of guys respond to this by immersing themselves in swipe apps because they don't have the social network to accomplish anything. That's the wrong move. Cold approaching is the way better option when compared to swipe apps. On swipe apps, you won't get as large of an age gap as you'll age if you do real world approaching. Swipe apps also happen to be a haven for carousel riders, careerist/feminist 30 somethings, etc. It's a much better choice to cold approach and cold approach at non-bar venues. If you are able to make something happen through a social circle, that's the best choice but not entirely realistic.

Physical fitness becomes more essential at this point in life, though relevant in all the phases I highlighted.

You're still going to not be able to meet people through work like 23-29 so all the things I highlighted in that era are relevant here.

The more difficult thing in this era is avoiding single moms. There are more single moms here than in past phases of life. Childless women 30+ are no picnic, as they too often have baggage, but it has the potential to be more workable baggage than a mom with 1+ kids.