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Objective: The Man Who Could Cheat Death!

Victory Unlimited

Master Don Juan
Dec 3, 2005
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On the Frontlines
This is my yearly "Bump" of this thread...

Because there's been no better time than NOW to become---The Man Who Could Cheat Death!

Live smart. stay SAFE. and BE SUCCESSFUL out here, soldiers.



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Master Don Juan
Aug 27, 2015
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Yo Troops,

This is the annual "BUMP" for this thread.


Because something tells me that many of you here (just like ME), have also taken some brutal "hits" over this past year that were designed KILL you---AND your hopes and dreams.

But guess what?

It might have knocked you down, but it did NOT take you out! Every day alive is another day to get it right. As long as your heart is still beating---the clock is still ticking.

The fight continues. The WAR goes on. But the Victory unlimited Show Army's "Rules of Engagement" still remain the same:

No retreat.

No surrender.

Nobody runs.

Everybody fights!

Make TODAY the day that history records that YOU TOO cheated death---that YOU TOO rose again!

The WORLD is waiting...

Very good


Master Don Juan
Aug 27, 2015
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“Here lies the hopes and dreams of Henry G.-----Dead at 40------a victim of his own PRIDE. This man was hit with every weapon that the Axis of Evil has at their disposal----Nookie Napalm, Flake Bombs, AND LSDs (Logic Scrambling Devices). Henry always believed his own hype, he was a lover of hedonism who thought that he could rationalize and compartmentalize his life in such a way that both his “sins” and his “virtues” could peacefully co-exist. He was wrong. He, too, could not cheat death.

He and I have known each other for decades, yet, now he’s GONE. He has totally dropped off the Grid-----refusing to associate with me, or anyone else who knows him due to the shame he feels because of his AFC behavior.

He's a guy that's been "married" pretty much ALL of his adult life, so going from one HASTY and totally EXCLUSIVE relationship to another has been all he's ever known. He's been married twice before already and counting...
I'm commenting about this old post... So in that situation where a man knows women from a "couple" of relationships.... He doesn't really know anything...

On the outside, and in the company of other men, he's all "Alpha Male" and shyt-----but once a woman (usually the manipulating biitch-type) entices him into "falling in love" with her by means of freaky sex-----he becomes CAPTAIN AFC---along with the requisite chin in the air, and his cape flapping wildly in the breeze!!! Mind you, I don't blame the women AT ALL, because as intelligent as I know he is, he should KNOW better...And as much “HARD CORPS” wisdom as I have dropped on him over the years, I KNOW for a mutherfukkin’ fact that he knows better…

But he's a guy whose VERY caught up in societal appearances and putting on airs. He used to do shyt like tell me about his wife/mistress/fukk buddy escapades, and EVERY TIME, I'd try to steer him towards making decisions that would benefit HIM and his family, and to try to get him to see the VALUE of being free "enough" from NEW WET PUSSSY ENSLAVEMENT to put more positive energy into his marriage, but he WOULD NOT listen.
Very very normal! You have the real picture. In an affair a mans ego expands quite a bit. You have to lie to yourself and others to manage it, and behind the scenes the brain does some things to make it "logical". So feelings and thoughts and self-importance are amplified quite a bit. Your lies get much bolder and much quicker, but also much more quite apparent to outsiders. You believing your own bull****.

Now what many men never knew why affair sex was easier than single sex was because affair sex was often a competition between the women. Tje mistress enjoys the challenge of seeing if she can get you off of your wife. She wants the full attention that you should be giving your wife. And because of this you will neglect and mistreat your wife! Even if you don't try. The reason is you are giving her attention to the mistress.

The mistress also looks at you as WEAK for prioritizing her over the wife ( when you choose to do this ), and her respect of you will be very low... And get lower over time. Misstress will often put you in bad positions or be bleeding you for money and time and the male unaware.

Also onlookers even if they sweep the affairs under the rug for you are losing respect and looking at you as someone untrustworthy and conptemptable. Some of your friends who bring you women or aid in the affair may offer your wife sex, going back behind your back. ( no honor amongst thieves ).

Instead, he traded his ability to control HIMSELF for the illusion that he could master and control WOMEN (whether it was his wife, or some random chick that he arrogantly considered "a challenge"). And as a result, he has now lost his wife, his home, his children, his career, his friends, his self-respect, AND even his "MISTRESS"----the woman he threw it all away for.
Very normal, and not very smart. A majority of men are devastated financially, socially and in respect from having their family torn apart due to their own actions.

It turns out, she later confessed to stealing HIM from his wife for the challenge of it, sexing him up for the fun of it, and using him for his money for the expedience of it. Yes, it would appear that Henry’s Alpha-ass was out-played by a combination Freak/Hoe with no real Good Girl qualities to speak of. But this was ALL of his choosing.
I explained to men that you might as well "hit your wife in the face" instead of the affair because the affair pain is worse! When you are around your wife, ignoring her, her attempts to "get your attention" are annoying to you, painful for you, because in your heart you are "with someone else".

The men also did not understand in this game between the mistress and the wife, the man is a dumb pawn. Allowing the mistress to get him to damage his own reputation and affairs!

No one has heard from him in well over a year. And I know it's been THAT long because the last thing he sent me was a goddamned, last minute, text message declining to join "the guys" on a pre-planned outing.

Yeah, that's right...he sent a fukking TEXT MESSAGE 30 minutes before our meeting-----A fukking Flake Bomb, like you’d expect that an irresponsible, or uninterested WOMAN would throw at your ass.

And that's the last I heard anything from him personally. But a few months ago, I heard through a distant relative of his that he referenced me (and the rest of his friends) by saying "What, Victory Unlimited and the rest? Oh, I don't hang out with THOSE guys anymore...".


he too, is DEAD to me. DEATH has won. And either if, or until, the day comes when he finally allows the light of positive masculinity to shine within him----to RESURRECT his soul (by uplifting and altering his mind set) and to HEAL his spirit (by repairing the damage done to his emotions)…May he rest in peace.”

In a symbolic gesture of dismissal, Victory Unlimited turns his back to the grave----then moves on to the next one. But as he looks down, he sees that this one is different. It has NO name on it. AND----it’s empty???
3-5 year recovery after such a devastating damage to self. And parts of your life with certain people will NEVER recover.

The other part of the affairs is that the mistress was often IMPLANTED by "powers that be". Someone bigger than you or in competition with you who knew of you who wanted to be in your business! Harm, damage and loss is often implied!
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