Narcissus - Part I


Master Don Juan
Apr 22, 2017
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I was born and conditioned with dark triad traits. I didn't choose it.

Many girls who date us call us players or toxic selfish jerks who break hearts.

I'm not going to apologise for sleeping with lots of women.

Today I'll tell you the problems we face and describe how debilitating these personality traits are.

1) We have to try hard to not talk about ourselves and our grandiosity to a woman. This appears try hard and we lose women. Truth is we aren't trying to impress her. We just like ourselves more.

2) We are charming, romantic and smooth. But that's not for the woman, it's to extract what we want from her to satisfy the emptiness we feel inside us.

3) We are reactive and demand instant gratification. This loses us women because a no to a compliance irritates us to no end and we'd rather sleep with her best friend now.

4) We are entitled and cannot psychologically care about other people's needs or emotions. That comes from not being able to feel empathy.

This is why we get called jerks or players.

5) We are actively or passively aggressive when we don't get what we want.

Cold shoulder, silent treatment, ridicule, putting down, negative judgement, insults comes subconsciously. This could lead to violence

6) Some of us need an endless supply of reaffirmation by sexual conquests. The more women we seduce or conquer, the more desirable we feel.

7) All of us don't objectify women, we sometimes see them as extensions of ourselves or a part of us. And we don't seem to have many flaws, so when we see flaws on our extensions, we dump.
This is self defeating and leads to no real relationships.

8) We pair quickly with other women with personality disorders. BPD is our match made in hell and we'll be dancing with them with different faces again and again unless we understand ourselves.

9) Some of us are so twisted we don't have much inside us to validate. It's barren.
So we just play it like a game treating women like pawns for personal pleasure and amusement. We manipulate, deceive and use mind games till exhaustion.

10) When we are hurt we don't feel sad. Sad doesn't exist in us. We feel rage and it's hard to handle narcissistic rage inside us.

Alpha men aren't generally called jerks or *******s. They are respected for how they are. Some of us become aware of how we are and try actively to improve.

In the next post I'll put up some advice on how to work around these problems which have helped me so far.


Master Don Juan
Jun 14, 2014
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Right behind you
You act like it's horrible, but that's because you're mixing some of this stuff up with sociopathy, which is he more impulsive type of person. It's not as bad as you say. All you have to do is become an extremely high functioning 'dark triad' man and you will rule the world. The low functioning ones are the type that seem antisocial and manipulative. The higher functioning ones are the charismatic types that move the masses (think politicians, diplomats, Fortune 500 CEOs, doctors, lawyers, etc.). And it still is possible to LEARN how to become empathetic. If you do this, you are able to gain perspective in a much more holistic way than others do.

And learn to think ahead more. This state of mind doesn't understand the concept of the Butterfly Effect very much at all which is its downfall. That's why you can't remain like this forever because the end fate is almost never good. That's why these types of people are normally looked down upon in society.


Master Don Juan
Sep 8, 2016
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Some good self-awareness here, but I'd say this awareness presupposes a condition of freedom, where you can distance yourself from the possible negative ramifications if you so choose.