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Senior Don Juan
Apr 6, 2018
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Before getting on a legit strength program I'd spend 8 weeks or so getting accustomed to good form and technique on the lifts that you are going to be using. On bench start with the bar, and develop a good bar path. Even with JUST the bar a new lifter will having coordination issues keeping the bar straight. Same on squats. After 3-4 weeks of getting the technique, add a weight that you can do for 12-15 reps with good technique.

I'd do bench, squat, deadlift, lat pull and rows at least two days a week during those weeks. Your also going to add in small muscle and auxilary movements:

leg curls
leg extensions
tricep pushdown
vbar skull crushers
pec dec
ab movements ( leg raise, crunch, behind the head pull down with abs )
low back movements ( stiff leg dead, hyperextension chair )

While your new shoot for at least 10 reps on each move. When you can do 1 or 2 more reps than 10 raise the weight the next increment. ( so if you were doing 30lb on db curls raise it to 35lb ).

After I'd say about 12 weeks of incrementally getting stronger in this manner. I suggest doing a full smolov program, for deadlift, squat and bench to methodically raise your strength. https://stronglifts.com/smolov/#gref, https://www.smolovjr.com/

You can increase your strength quite greatly over a 1 year timespan. Do not tell anyone you are doing this. You will need a spotter to help on the bench, and some squat workouts ( i recommend a rack for squat. set the lower safety catch bar so at your lowest position if you fail, you can escape unhurt ).

Diet is important. Your consuming .8-1.2Grams of protein while you are lifting. Protein coming from meat ( chicken, eggs, beef, fish and protein shakes )

By getting stronger and eating, your muscles will grow and you will gain size. My son gained 13lbs in 8 weeks and it was all muscle, all natural, because he was a newbie. In your first year being brand new you can easily gain 20-30lb of muscle. After you first year the gains will start to decrease.

So I'm not going to nail down every detail because it would be way more instruction, but this will get you going very strong. Use 8-12 weeks to get technique and stronger while you are new, EAT PROTEIN to FEED YOUR MUSCLE. After the 12 weeks, get into the methodical and structured SMOLOV program which will raise your squat the first time by 100LB. And it will raise your bench by 30-50 lb. I'd suggest take a 4-6 weeks break working out with the new strength before going into another smolov.
Those are pretty good information man! Thanks a lot!

Gonna start doing some of that here in my place as gym are not opening for now... I can do using body weight for now and then go to the gym when it's enabled again.

About dieting, what are your suggestions for long term weight loss? Should I cut all carbs and eat more proteins and vegetables?


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Lynx nkaf

Master Don Juan
Nov 17, 2019
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That's a great program.

I signed up for the email by Stronglift and looked into the future goal of Smolov.

I see that just getting enough protein will be a good start. Something to start with.

Congrats to mrgoodstuff's son that had such a stellar first gain. 13 pounds in 2 months, wow!
I have a full length mirror I squat and deadlift in front of for technique.
No home rackset or bench yet.