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Is the Night of January 1 The Easiest Day of the Year to Get Laid


Master Don Juan
May 31, 2020
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NYE is further down the list for me.
Halloween would be my top holiday. Reason being women reason that it is their alter ego and Guys can pick a costume that gives off a more sexual /rugged vibe than their everyday wardrobe.
I'm also going to suggest Super Bowl Sunday since you have 1) day drinking 2) Party atmosphere 3) multiple locations to go
Super Bowl Sunday in my social circle became a couples-centric, NYE style holiday. I stopped participating years ago.

I've never heard of a lot of guys getting same night lays on Super Bowl Sunday.

I wasn't asking about NYE, I was asking about the night of January 1, the night after NYE.

Cinco de Mayo is coming up. I don't think Cinco de Mayo is anything special for getting laid.