Is my ex in a cult?


Don Juan
Feb 7, 2012
Backstory on her: she grew up in a rich family and hasn't had to struggle for much. Her father is narcissistic and raised her in performance based manner. Due to this she is focused on her looks and how she is viewed by people. This has beld in to her adult life because she lacked an effective father figure and does not possess a strong identity.
Fast forward to now: she mentions to me she has been seeing a "mentor" whom she pays for "sessions" (insert derranged sexual comment here). This man helps her and others with spiritual guidance as well as personal therapy. Keep in mind, he is not licensed for a goddamn thing. He's just "knowledgeable" I'm told. She sees him two days a week and once a month with his other students for extended sessions.
She says he has convinced her she no longer needs her antidepressants. He also suggests she write long emails nightly to update her spiritual and personal progress. This is also in conjunction with hour long Bible study sessions done daily.
He also has pointed out to her her manipulative tendencies, an inadequacy he is able to help her with according to him. She has been seeing this mentor for over a year with little progress and continues to struggle. He also had her and the group write a 118 page paper when he felt they didn't want it enough and that he was going to stop the group.
There is much more to this but I wanted to get opinions on this so far.
Dec 29, 2017
That entire situation sounds creepy..... good thing she’s your ex... plenty of puss not in cults out there !

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Master Don Juan
Aug 11, 2018

He obviously does, his second post about this same subject in two days…
Yeah. Deja vu. Or a glitch in the matrix.

Probably looking for a different answer.

She's an ex and therefore not your responsibility anymore. Beyond that, I tend to like flawed people most often too. Creating your own unique ways of life together for however long can be really great.

But even if you got back with the little lunatic (as you seem to want to do), her creepy cult inclinations or whatever would be a complete intrusion to that sort of "our world" dynamic anyways.

Just my view. Found it an interesting thread. You can try and save her, if you like. It's your life.
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