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boot camp

  1. J

    How to show resilience when going out of your comfort zone but events bring you down?

    Hello, I'm doing the DJ boot camp and my task this week is to talk to girls I find attractive. I go to my campus to do this task but i found out that girls aren't really interested in talking to strangers. I talked to this exchange student from Spain today, and she was just answering to my...
  2. H

    Recruit Specter reports for duty

    I want to be my own role model. This one sentence simply sums up why I am launching the Don Juan Bootcamp today, 29 May 2021. In more detail: I am 24, have moved out of home, still have good contact with my family, study and work part-time. I also have good friends who I would trust with my...
  3. D

    DJ Boot Camp

    I looked and I didn't see any recent boot camp threads. I am going to put myself through boot camp, and I wanted to see if anyone serious about it would like to join me. My story is: I was burned by a girl hard last summer, who then went running back into the arms of her abusive ex. I was...