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How to raise children to be successful and happy?


Master Don Juan
Oct 29, 2008
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Dunno about that, man. Will Smith’s kids are pretty retarded. You can look at many children of the rich and successful and scratch your head with confusion. How does this happen?

If you’re Woke, it doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are. You’ll end your family lineage in a generation via poor woke decision making.

The real issue here is the fake BluePill matrix that’s fed to kids through education and media. This is systematic and done on purpose by the controllers of culture.

You aren’t allowed to interfere with it either. It’s illegal to interfere with the government’s interference with your kids.
Yes of course. What I was referring to was in an all else assumed to be normal situation, but yes you have a point.


Master Don Juan
Jul 7, 2012
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Some of the things on your list I can agree with, others not so much. Being wealthy does NOT help (but not being poor does). Most successful people come from a middle class background. Children of rich people are, more often than not, fvck-ups.

Some of your points are also contradictory. How do you "tell them the truth even if it's hard to handle" and, at the same time, "entertain any beliefs or dreams or goals they have, no matter how ludicrous".

IMO, raising successful children comes down to two factors: being a good role model (this is especially important if you are a father) and balance. Being a good role model means being a man that your kids can respect and look up to. That includes having a strong character and not being a pushover. There is a significant overlap between qualities that make you attractive to women and qualities that make your children respect you. And balance is key to everything in life, including raising kids. You have to be strict but fair; understanding but also willing to correct your kids when they are wrong; encouraging, without making your kids think they are "special".
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Master Don Juan
May 3, 2013
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Just FYI (not that anyone should care), found out today. Fruitbat’s wife is expecting a tiny new bat in about 9 months.

that will be 2 fruitkittens so it’s the snip next.