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The Diver

Senior Don Juan
Aug 25, 2017
Reaction score
I asked her if she wanted to get together twice during this span but she said she literally has no time now but definitely wants to meet up once all of this calms down some.
A girl I dated lately had a lot of pressure from work and personal life and told me not once how she's glad to come over to my place and see me just so she could forget the and relax a bit from her daily pressure.
I think if the girl has a high interest in you, she would like to see you, especially when she's under pressure. And it's happened to me many time before with other girls as well.
So , I personally will take "I can't see you bcos I under pressure" as a telltale for a low interest, or you're low on her priority list. (bcos' her Low Interest)


Master Don Juan
Feb 1, 2016
Reaction score
Just remembered. One time after deleting her number i get a "hi how are you" text. I replied "who is this?". And she got mad.
She had it in her head she was a prize. She thought all guys will wait and orbit her no matter how long she made them wait.

You shattered that myth about herself she had built in her own head.