How to handle a girl who is trying to slide out?


Master Don Juan
Dec 24, 2017
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I am not really sure what you meant to ask but I just want to say that I have always had decent luck with women and have been quite strong to cut contact and never look back in such cases, this was just one of those instances when you just connect with someone. Never really experienced this so it got to me.

I don't know if I will be able to spin many plates because of my nature.
All I know is that I am much better than her, be it success in my field or something else, so I am gonna keep working on myself to keep that up. That's the goal, girls will come along.
What is your purpose +?

Define chasing excellence? What is that to you?

Start there. ^^^

Furthermore, you will run into train wrecks from the past. Single moms, fat as **** slobs, and train wrecks!

Leave the rest of the trash at the curb.