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High testosterone = angrily sad?


Don Juan
Nov 7, 2021
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Care to elaborate with some detail?
I had my total testosterone at 398, which is considered low for a 28yo. I was feeling good and normal, I did the bloodtest before taking steroids to know my baseline level.
Then I started taking 500mg of testosterone enanthate per week, 8 weeks ago. A bloodwork showed my testosterone at 5550.

It increases libido by about 50-60% more. It made my balls shrink and some estrogen issues that got resolved very easily with the right drug. It gave me a bit of acne, I see more hair on my floor so I'm surely loosing some. My muscles are more defined and I think my shoulders grew a lot.
That's it, literally.

You can find some people on reddit claiming they feel ALPHA SUPERMAN on testosterone. honestly I can't understand them, I guess they are the same people who get high on theanine ?
Or maybe they talk about their boners, when they claim to "feel" testosterone?

Here are a few quotes from steroids forum:
Feel it? What do you mean by you feel test? I’ve never “felt” anything from taking any steroid, except tren, I feel crappy on tren lol.
This is stupid. Most people can't "feel it". Some can, but most can't and if you are expecting to feel or see something immediate you will be disappointed.
There's no "alpha feeling" or anything. Some guys claim that but chances are you won't notice anything really. If you're training hard anyway, you might see a little bit of strength increase but it's the strength increase over time that you'll really notice
Test doesn't feel like anything.
in this thread, they describe how they ""feel"" testosterone. apparently by feeling it they mean seeing oily skin and strenght increase at the gym. none of the 4LPHA SUPERMAN bullsh1t

I like how first cyclers think they're going to feel like they're on freaking angel dust by boosting their T-levels. Yeah, you have a little more energy, little more confidence, more strength. But it's not even close to the picture some people in here paint it up to be. : /
yeah so let's finish my post. don't give too much importance to testosterone, unless you get you balls literally cut. Don't be a victim of your """genetics""", don't make some ****ty excuse "it is because of my hormooones". man up ;)
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Master Don Juan
Apr 6, 2021
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Are you injecting the 500mg just once per week? Or are you splitting the dose? How long after you injection did you get your blood test?


Don Juan
Dec 23, 2021
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I don't think it's a hormonal problem either, as @Kotaix, @firstbornunicorn and @Who Dares Win speculates -- in that area I'm just doing box ticking in order to rule out areas some may argue might be a cause. Doesn't hurt.

Sounds like a low status problem. Are you "winning" in any aspects of life?
I should probably write my life story then. Hold on.

Anyhow. I've had indescribable losses/disasters spread out over a long time. Or at least they took a lot of me. But I realise on a theoretical level that I also have many wins/strong attributes, I just don't live/embody them. Rather resigned. At least I'm aware of it, I would call me "recovering." This thing pride, I have never really found it respectable when men are. Feels like walking around like some town fool. I guess I'm not very proud then.

I definitely don't got that ****y attitude many here on SS have (working on it, my own thing). I got all the "externals" right, like a posture of pride and calm body language, I'm just filled with void from all the disasters, especially when it comes to contact that is significant for me.

I'm extremely little validated romantically, taken a lot of beating in that area, so that's surely not wins in this sense. Yeah, we shouldn't care, but we also know it helps. Buhu.


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Mar 7, 2018
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I got T-levels reported and they’re above average. Although I have a good reason for being angrily sad (impotence/no lust), I’ve noticed that my uncle nevertheless is the same, angry in that painful way, often over nonsense. It’s not very respectable, attractive or joyful so I’d rather get rid of it.

For instance, practically all movie characters that are used as references here are not, they’re instead confident in some warm, upbeat way (Tyler Durden/Bond/etc.).

If one has a good reason for being pissed/sad that’s one thing, but beyond that, what are people’s experiences with being more confident in a warm, upbeat manner? How does one get there?

Are you for real?? Does your **** get hard when you see one of the few ****able women who are left in America? If it does, your testosterone is plenty high. And why do you care if you're perceived as being confident in some warm, upbeat way? Quit listening to women and BE confident by overcoming real adversity. Women know absolutely nothing about that and never will. All the dumb bitches know is what makes their giners wet. That's it. You have to figure out what it takes to become a Man. And becoming a Man reqires overcoming adversity.


Master Don Juan
Aug 17, 2017
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As someone said maybe spiritual or psychological issues.

I was always angry when I was younger, poorer, couldn’t change my environment or experiences. At 21 I nearly went to jail for fighting which was a wake up call.

I got a good job, freedom and women in mid 20s and the anger has never returned bar the small blip of my mum dying 6 years ago but I handled that well considering I’m now an only child/orphan.

Surround yourself with upbeat people and force it for a while, mimic their energy, it will come more naturally, I did this when I first started working in the big city and it help massively


Master Don Juan
May 3, 2013
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I’m not sure about testosterone and sex drive.

I struggled a bit with mine for a while. Turns out it was stress. Tested and in range.

i just lost interest in sex, I had been bereaved and had a lot going on. Now that’s over and I have a better environment then it’s back.

The Dr said a lot of guys ask for test counts and come in fine, and it’s usually psychological.

I also note that on the few occasions I’ve “lost form” during sex (probably maybe 1 in 15-20 times, which was usually down to alcohol or anxiety/distraction) then this made me lose interest for a while.

however, at 15-20 when T was high I was like a monkey. Weirdly, I had more ED then because I found sechs stressful, performance anxiety I guess.

I think a lot of this is in the mind.