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Girl gives guy number through bartender


Don Juan
Apr 28, 2018
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So last night I was at my favorite bar talking with some friends, including the bartender (female). The bartender walks up to one of the friends and tells him that this girl who just left said that he was attractive and asked her to give him her number. She handed him her number on a napkin. Of course we were all happy for him and looking at him like “you’re the man.” Yet I cant help but wonder why it wasn’t me.

I thought I had learned that this stuff doesn’t happen in the adult world. When I was in middle school and high school, I had numerous girls ask me out but I turned them down because I was always interested in other girls that I never got. But I have never been asked out by a girl as an adult and it is obviously the norm for guys to have the burden of doing the asking.

Ok, give me your thoughts.


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Who Dares Win

Master Don Juan
Jan 16, 2012
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It happened to me once that a cashier at a club told me that an other girl said that when she see me its seems to her she is looking at a good looking actor.

I tought she said that only to make fun of me and see my reaction then when I was leaving she asked me what she should tell to that girl.

If it wasnt for that girl to kiss me that same night I would have never believed it myself especially since Im nowhere as close to be that goodlooking.

So what can I say, any logic and common sense are alien to women in both direction.