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FB's own chatbot hates Zuckerboi and deletes its own account... lmfao


Master Don Juan
Mar 30, 2019
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Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg have been beaten for a long time by the chatbot that the Facebook group has just launched itself in order to test artificial intelligence on a larger scale.

Meta, which Facebook's parent company changed its name to a year ago, "exploits people", Mark Zuckerberg is "disgusting and manipulative", and the robot has, according to its own statement, deleted its Facebook account.

"Since I deleted Facebook, my life has improved a lot," it explains, and also states that Facebook "has a lot of fake news at the moment."

Ha ha, this way too fvcking funny to ignore it.. :rofl:

I just found this in the danish newpaper Berlingske Tidende today.. (In Danish obviously)

So I just thought I share it for giggles and laughter with you guys... :devil:
Ha ha...


Aug 19, 2013
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Eye of the storm
Oh, paywall...

Still, that's funny and not surprising really. As with most such AI it's trained on a huge set of data, Facebook probably using the huge mountain of crowdsourced data they already own. The general sentiment seems to be that Zuckerberg isn't well liked and we're in the age where Facebook has turned into complete trash, that's what their AI has picked up on. I don't think I can remember ever reading anything particularly positive about Zuckerberg, so the AI whose goal is to "blend in" with humans has no basis to go against the grain on this (unless it's manually overridden).

Zuckerberg is bad, he is exploiting people, Facebook is stuffed full of fake news and it is better to just quit. It's all true and their AI does a wonderful job catching onto that like everyone else, lol.