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  1. AureliusMaximus

    King Charles Inauguration (funny video)

    I'd thought I might as well share this funny video with you guys where King Charles III have a speech in House Of Commons as part of his ceremony... :lol: I hope it will bring a smile and a laugh for you bois here! :up:
  2. AureliusMaximus

    FB's own chatbot hates Zuckerboi and deletes its own account... lmfao

    Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg have been beaten for a long time by the chatbot that the Facebook group has just launched itself in order to test artificial intelligence on a larger scale. Meta, which Facebook's parent company changed its name to a year ago, "exploits people", Mark Zuckerberg...
  3. AureliusMaximus

    The funny thread...

    Post something funny with the community for a good laugh. :):whistle: It doesn't matter if it a image of a funny story etc... Share some smiles to everyone! ;) I'll go first.. Winnie the Pooh on Swine Flu. A rant about girls and sex..
  4. AureliusMaximus

    How to get a girl [Funny]

    Well... Hybergamy never sleeps :lol::devil::whistle:
  5. AureliusMaximus

    Best gift ever for your GF? (LMFAO)

    Best gift ever to your GF or plate? (Well you get the point...) Ha ha.. :rofl:;)
  6. LarryLiesureSuit

    Lets Get Married show

    There is a show that I have been watching. It is a show where there are 3 contests and one decision maker. The decision maker chooses who to marry. The contests and the decision makers are always the opposite gender. I followed the show where the decision maker is a man. And it got boring do...
  7. B

    The 9 outta 10 that got away? Oh and I smashed my windshield....

    One day I was going to meet a friend on spring garden road, I was there first waiting for her and I saw this amazing girl at least a 9 out of 10. I started to talk to her and we talked for about 2 minutes and then suggested we sit down. After I had her sitting down it was very easy to talk to...
  8. VforVendetta

    A quick story with a question

    Yo, i'm 19, in college. So i just went to the shop to get some things and as i was passing a caffe, this girl/woman (i'd say 30's) that was sitting there having a smoke, talking to some guy, looked at me as i was approaching. I walk with a swagger, calm and like i own the place, it started out...