1. AureliusMaximus

    just some fun shyte posting for the lulz

    Just stumbled over some funny postings by Elon musk and others have done which are quite funny and its friday so lets have some fun... :):up:
  2. AureliusMaximus

    King Charles Inauguration (funny video)

    I'd thought I might as well share this funny video with you guys where King Charles III have a speech in House Of Commons as part of his ceremony... :lol: I hope it will bring a smile and a laugh for you bois here! :up:
  3. AureliusMaximus

    FB's own chatbot hates Zuckerboi and deletes its own account... lmfao

    Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg have been beaten for a long time by the chatbot that the Facebook group has just launched itself in order to test artificial intelligence on a larger scale. Meta, which Facebook's parent company changed its name to a year ago, "exploits people", Mark Zuckerberg...
  4. AureliusMaximus

    The funny thread...

    Post something funny with the community for a good laugh. :):whistle: It doesn't matter if it a image of a funny story etc... Share some smiles to everyone! ;) I'll go first.. Winnie the Pooh on Swine Flu. A rant about girls and sex..
  5. AureliusMaximus

    How to get a girl [Funny]

    Well... Hybergamy never sleeps :lol::devil::whistle:
  6. AureliusMaximus

    Best gift ever for your GF? (LMFAO)

    Best gift ever to your GF or plate? (Well you get the point...) Ha ha.. :rofl:;)
  7. LarryLiesureSuit

    Lets Get Married show

    There is a show that I have been watching. It is a show where there are 3 contests and one decision maker. The decision maker chooses who to marry. The contests and the decision makers are always the opposite gender. I followed the show where the decision maker is a man. And it got boring do...
  8. B

    The 9 outta 10 that got away? Oh and I smashed my windshield....

    One day I was going to meet a friend on spring garden road, I was there first waiting for her and I saw this amazing girl at least a 9 out of 10. I started to talk to her and we talked for about 2 minutes and then suggested we sit down. After I had her sitting down it was very easy to talk to...
  9. VforVendetta

    A quick story with a question

    Yo, i'm 19, in college. So i just went to the shop to get some things and as i was passing a caffe, this girl/woman (i'd say 30's) that was sitting there having a smoke, talking to some guy, looked at me as i was approaching. I walk with a swagger, calm and like i own the place, it started out...