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Mar 22, 2009
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people should post what they found in every site not just this on.Include free audio videos from youtube or whatever,ebooks,anything.
I have some stuff on my pc I just don't know how to post it on here.I will post some stuff later.Doing research now.
Oct 22, 2008
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The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

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Mar 26, 2010
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Docs said:
Today's Link is a little different. It isn't a thread, but eather, a particular post of immense meaning. Rollo Tomassi deserves a great round of applause for this post.


Between knowing what needs to be done and actually doing it is a huge gulf - this is the Abyss - and this is what you have to cross. The Chinese have an old proverb that asks "when is the best time to plant a tree? 30 years ago. When is the next best time? Now."

If not now, then when? You've got a laundry list of problems to solve for yourself and in all honesty you know exactly how to solve them. The question isn't 'how', but 'when' will you do this. You've chosen now, so do it.

Your flaws are the result of years of apathy and habitual behavior. You don't need to analyze the source of these, you already know what they are. Don't go back to these sources, don't rewind the same song to hear it again. Remember this:

You will only get what you have gotten if you keep doing what you have done.

I love these tips!!!

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Nov 22, 2010
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One of our own best postes - VICTORY UNLIMITED, has just declared a one man war to help ALL "nice guys, good guys, and gutsy guys" get better women by becoming better MEN -

You can tell by my sig that it's my favorite show right now. It's bad-ass with some kick-ass info. Nothing else out there you can really compare it to.


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Apr 12, 2011
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oooops ..........that not ignoreable

oooops ..........that not ignoreable

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Apr 15, 2014
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Collection of Best Tips
I wanted to try this. I want every one of you to find a insipiring thread, quote, internet book, link, anything that related to being a Don Juan, self-improvement, meeting girls, having control, life. Try not to be the same as everyone and find a rarer post that you like. (oh! and no quoting yourself!)

I know there's a tip section for a reason. The purpose of this is to dig the gold out from under the masses of posts here, so use that search button, find a topic or two..or more, and post the link and a title with comments :)


I will now add a few posts that I've liked.
Becoming a True Don Juan - DJBedFord
Must Read - Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone - DJDamage
Must Read - Simple KINO for those who are afraid of touching - Jester
Tips from someone that left the board for a bit - comote
A thread of how to act, By a Girl (read the comments) - DonJuinita
Natural Flowing Conversation - Maurizo
No-Pressure Mindset - Pook Praise - the fool
Girls will NOT make your life better - Santos
Girls and Pressure - VIVAlasVEGASbaby
Improving and enjoying the Foundations of One-Self - jbbrain
How to "Close the Sale" 95% of the time and get that date! - Only the great Master of the Universe

Let's hear some other links to excellent unknown tips from deep within Sosuave and beyond!
PM sent to mods to ask for sticky

Where is POOK? Where is the book of POOK?


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Oct 29, 2008
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Mar 6, 2015
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So many posters seem to be abrasive. So here goes the 7 huggy rules of ubercat:

1 Look happy and excited to meet
2 Default to being friendly
3 Default to agreeing with (normal) people even if smile and nod is best you can do
4 Ask open ended questions on their ideas.
5 Challenge yourself with the 3 question rule. If they show interest in a topic ask 3 questions to go a little deeper. If they give u vague answers change topic
6 Get good on making conversation about your surrounds.
7 Throw a couple of topics up for vibing. If no bite leave on a high note.