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Don Juan Gold Tip Album


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Jun 11, 2006
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anonymousguy said:
yes. I think it is good there's a sticky that will point out the good articles and weed out the bad articles. For people like me, that do not have a lot of time to read all the threads, this is a huge time saver.

Keep up the good work.
I agree - It's nice to find 'Gold Tip' Threads that I haven't read ... This sticky is a great idea


Jul 27, 2005
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Kingston, Can-a-duh

A complete re-complication of every SS.net related thread here. :rockon:
  1. Becoming a True Don Juan - DJBedFord
  2. Must Read - Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone - DJDamage
  3. Must Read - Simple KINO for those who are afraid of touching - Jester
  4. Tips from someone that left the board for a bit - comote
  5. A thread of how to act, By a Girl (read the comments) - DonJuinita
  6. Natural Flowing Conversation - Maurizo
  7. No-Pressure Mindset - Pook Praise - the fool
  8. Girls will NOT make your life better - Santos
  9. Girls and Pressure - VIVAlasVEGASbaby
  10. Improving and enjoying the Foundations of One-Self - jbbrain
  11. How to "Close the Sale" 95% of the time and get that date! - Only the great Master of the Universe
  12. Tribute To A Nice Guy - AcknowledgeDaRep
  13. Customer Service - Conversation Goldmine - gotta love bimmers
  14. Natural - Stance, Conversation, Confidence - organizedconfusion
  15. FR : I ****ed up BIG time (drugs&std alert!) - Centaurion
  16. Golden Advice On Long Term Relationships (LTRs) - Gold Heart
  17. My Conversation Tip: 'Nouning' - silverwex
  18. Stop Being Perfect - icepick
  19. Pulse Procedure: Basic Convo. - pulse
  20. Slickster - Best Revenge Ever on the EX that dumped you.
  21. Disciple - GETTING GIRLS TO CHASE YOU (the better looking the chick, the better this works)
  22. seloifter - Learn from Women's Own Tricks
  23. Mercury21 - Don't think every girl HAS to like you
  24. Nice guys "myspace article"
  25. A view at the board, and how people misuse one-itis for love. - The Bad Ass Canadian
  26. pretend shes an ugly girl - JH6
  27. Player_Supreme Post and all the Links
  28. The Dark Theory of Love (Dark Stylee) - superchristx
  29. The difference between hookups and a relationship - toddC - (read posts)
  30. Don Juan...Just Guidelines?(long) - mikel
  31. Thank You - UltimateScoundrel
  32. How To Get A Woman To Agree To Sex Within 5 Minutes - LJC
  33. Guide to Don Juan
  34. Let's take a look into why we feel oneitis - The Knew Guy
  35. The Choice Between Being and Becoming: Motivation for the Skinny Guys - Survivor
  36. Sweeping her off her feet (literally) - Turncoat
  37. A Few Things I've Learned - RKTek
  38. How to use KINO Properly - Smooth Player 056
  39. When I Was Lonely - Maximus Rex
  40. Assume Attraction
  41. The Importance of Positivity
  42. Offensive vs. Defensive Plays
  43. FORGET ABOUT ALL THE TACTICS!!! The secret to women
  44. Good advice from an unlikely source
  45. To Become A True Don Juan And Never Need To Look Back - photo1
  46. The Traps of Life - VIVAlasVEGASBaby
  47. Aeinma - The Antichrist_Star
  48. A Brief Summary of Excellence in DJing - Charm
  49. If you could choose...
  50. What am I afraid of doing RIGHT NOW?
  51. Let us be strong
  52. Affirming the belief that you're desired by women
  53. Become great!
  54. "There is no try." (NOW: The definative Gubby confidence post) - Gubby
  55. Were His actions Innocent? - DreamyChick
  56. Glossary Of Terms - Shezz
  57. Tip on Seductive Conversation by Pickupskill
  58. Pull up a seat, Master is Speaking
  59. Young Guys need to read this
  60. Attraction II
  61. Attraction III
  62. Attraction IV
  63. If you could chose... - Krassus
  64. Most commonly asked newbie questions answered right here!
  65. Visualize this, it will help you to move forward - Mission
  66. Seductive Conversation - xblitz44x
  67. Signs of No Or Little Interest - Maximus Rex
  68. Docs - Cause and Effect Theory
  69. My Xmas Gift to You: Free Copy of "Keep Them 'Coming' Back for More" ;o) - musclyjerk


Jul 27, 2005
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Kingston, Can-a-duh
Revival! (2)

  1. TMT: Text Message Tranquilizers
  2. Brosnake - 3 Years Experience in the Game, One Post (and last)
  3. The Holy Grail of Dating - Dark Dream
  4. Tiger Kino - TonyTheTigerOI
  5. Friendship zone or hell? What do you call it? - Hidden-Danjer
  6. Why You Should Not be Scared to Approach - h2o
  7. Courage - CHALENGE GUY
  8. A Word About Success - Giovanni Casanova
  9. The Introduction of "T" Theory/Natural Game - Jvesti
  10. Decades of Experience All In One Post - Inspector Clouseau
  11. Stirred Up The Hornet's Nest Over At Gp.com with my "Tips" - DIESEL
  12. Pook - Anti-Dump's Machine (Part VI: Three Words To Change Your Life!)
  13. Here's How To Make Yourself Good Looking - Vassago
  14. ULTIMATE Dance Floor Guide - Vassago
  15. My Game Plan - Vassago
  16. Society and Sexual Distortion - Señor Fingers
  17. The 26 Lessons of Striking Out (D’OH!) - Señor Fingers
  18. Boosting Mind States - Señor Fingers
  19. Take Back Your Power! - Señor Fingers
  20. Becoming Magnetic - Señor Fingers
  21. Empower Your Voice - Señor Fingers
  22. The Power of Detachment - Señor Fingers
  23. Weapons Of Mass Seduction - Señor Fingers
  24. Fishing!!! - KillaPetehog
  25. My GREAT Philosphy - John Galt 2
  26. how to massage - avrilishot
  28. Video clip of an approach - Exp
  29. The Cartography Of Hell - drjekyll
  30. The honest-to-God solution to, "Problems with/questions about this girl/situation"... - squirrels
  31. How do I start to sarge? (post) - nishbuk
  32. Jariel’s Don Juan Tip Sheet - Jariel
  33. Lessons I Am Learning! - KillaPetehog
  34. Missing Lego Pieces and The Myth of Entitlement. - A-Unit
  35. Fear - Krassus
  36. Cheat Sheets - \O/
  37. Guide to Don Juan - De La Soul
  38. Chronicle of my becoming a man - Man_O'War
  39. Daily Journal for Cold Approaches - jwhite17
  40. "Motivate Yourself" - Adonis
  41. One of the most important posts ever! - Hidden-Danjer
  42. Destroying Social Phobias - Mr. Fingers


Don Juan
Sep 6, 2006
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Pointing out some threads to read is really convinient, saves some time too.


Master Don Juan
Mar 26, 2008
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anybody got anything on how to get the ex back? just want her back in the stable.


Don Juan
Mar 6, 2007
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great tips, noway am i getting through all those but I have put it in my favourites :)