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Don Juan
Nov 5, 2008
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love this journal, too bad you stopped posting in it months ago.


Master Don Juan
Sep 2, 2005
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WoW... six months. its been a while.

the one thing about life is it that its dynamic, always changing, never static. they say its evolution. nature systematically eliminates the outdated models. its a fact. either change or die. thats life. alot has happened but you guys dont wannna here about that.. let me get to the good stuff.. since last time i posted. iv met some cool girl.. gotten some punnanny.. and learned and grown alott. i have slowed my pua lifestyle considerably in the last several months due to some other things thats been going on. (some stuff i have to get done for school)

I wanted to share with you guys a project that iv been working on since i was seventeen. I have been wanting to reinvent my self...to turn into the ideal person that i want to be. and over the years i have been doing it slowly, each year improving a small part of that personality and identity. the last couple of months it has been my emotional side. I have always been distant and hard to connect with, i have a fear of getting emotionally burned i thought that emotions were weak, but iv been working on it. I haven't been able to cry for ten year, only a short time ago i was actually proud of that. anyways.. all the pieces are ready tobe put together. in the coming weeks i will blog what going on with me... if you guys want ill even post some field reports..although i don't do that as much as i use to do.