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Cancellation guilt



My brother, what is wrong with you? There are deeper issues than this specific cancellation. You don't owe her anything at this stage. I understand the gist of keeping your word and not cancelling plans but you cannot predict the future. When you are exhausted from work and sick you cannot see other people period. Stop being a faggot.


Master Don Juan
Dec 27, 2008
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I think you're biggest problem is you keep applying male honor systems onto females... They're honorless beings due to the necessity to become war brides.... It's a survival mechanism. Accept it. She's coming back around to you. Make a date with her, then fvck her brains out....
The problem is I’ve lost all interest in her. If she’d come back around in a week or two after our first date, I’d have been interested. The thing is I moved on and went out with other girls and hit it off with one that last a month and completely forgot about this one date wonder from September.


Master Don Juan
Oct 18, 2015
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I'm going based off personal experience. This is my reality. It may be that your reality is different. Given your "everything is a man's job" attitude, I wouldn't be surprised.
That’s a nice strawman argument. Making the date is the man’s job.

The girl I spoke about who cancelled on me but kept in touch without making plans again, she already texted me “happy thanksgiving handsome!” I mean really. Wtf?
She’s not going to do your job. This is how they think. It’s fvcked up but it is what it is.