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Anybody blowing up on Instagram? How do you gain followers and exposure?


Master Don Juan
Jun 2, 2021
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The next big thing is called TITFO, there’s a plug-in for it called AGTFO. It’s really cool, it’s been a sleeper for a while.

TITFO (turn it the fck off)
AGTFO (and get the fck outside)

They’re both free and you don’t even need to download them!


Senior Don Juan
Sep 4, 2023
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Well-played. :rofl:

I actually deleted all my social media a few months back. So much happier when I stay clear of it all. Slowly being sucked back to a few useful forums (imho) like this one. I don't think I have it in my to give a **** enough to spin up an IG for dating purposes. Who knows? Better to be informed than ignorant at least.


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Dec 10, 2008
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I've heard about how useful/necessary a strong Instagram presence is if "status" is what you're after. And I am after status. But I don't understand Instagram like I understand other platforms. If I wanted to, say, be a YouTuber. I would probably start by just making quality content and praying the algorithm blesses me. Instagram? I don't know where to start because I don't know how anyone finds anything. The only way I ever found anything was through other Instagram pages. Which I found through other platforms. So I don't think I could start, say, a travel vlog, and then be found by people on Instagram searching up "travel vlog."

So how do I create a successful travel vlog on Instagram? If you're doing numbers on Instagram, care to share how you pulled it off?
I have actually run multiple content platforms. I'm well connected to the largest youtubers, tiktokers, instagram models, twitch streamers, etc.

the importance of building a brand on all platforms as each has their strengths.

Streaming 1, Vods 2, Clips 3

Most growth
Clips 1, Vods 2, Streaming 3

Most money (excludes sponsorships)
Streaming 1, Vods 2, Clips 3

You should have a consistent schedule in putting out content. Equate this to business hours. If customers come to your store and your hours for content (their product of choice) is not being put out on a consistent schedule, they will find another business to spend their currency (time or money). Post on a regular schedule

Content (product)
You need to be consistent with the content you put out. You can't be changing it around. Your customers that come for coffee, want specifically that. I don't go to starbucks to drink tea. If starbucks stopped selling coffee, i would quickly stop frequenting and find a new coffee shop or page/channel to get my content fix.

Cross pollinate all platforms
Different platforms have different audiences. Being on more platforms allows more reach. Cross pollinating allows for more growth. More growth and attention on platforms typically trigger recommendation algorhithms on these platforms to further help you drive growth. Platforms want to promote creators that are consistent, and trending up. Youtube specifically tracks your watch time. If you continue to stay consistent or better, are growing your watch time, you get recommended more. If you are dropping in watch time, they see that you are not as interesting and losing interest in your viewers, and they will prioritize another creator.

focus on the above and it should help you get a good start to start building. Most creators I see can't even do this part. Especially cross pollinating. Don't silo yourself on a single platform.


Master Don Juan
Sep 28, 2008
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Inside her mind
So what do people think is set to supplant Instagram and Tik Tok and become the new app/platform that people flock to?
Nobody knows but if the future evolution of web3 there will be new social media platforms that the concepts haven't even been thought of yet or the technology is currently being created.

I see VR/Metaverse becoming a huge thing in the next 10-30 years

Also with Instagram anyone can get a blue check mark now if you pay for it, the allure of being verified has been diminished unless yu're a leight celebrity