1. A

    Kettlebell, is it worth it?

    Recently I started working out seriously. But with my lack of time I prefer doing morning workouts at home as soon as I wake up. I've been thinking about getting kettlebell and starting to incorporate that in my workout, since it seems like I cant hit certain muscles group. I wonder is it...
  2. G

    What is the best Fitness Exercise while traveling?

    I just want to know that best workout in the long traveling..
  3. GoodOne123

    What have you achieved during lockdown?

    I'm curious what you guys have been up to. Here what I have done so far: Workout 4-5 days a week. 50 pullups and 50 pushups per workout minimum. I sometimes do handstand pushups instead of the regular ones. Made second instagram account based on my passion for music. I've been uploading often...
  4. E

    Help me schedule my training

    Hi , I´ve decided to take my gym training serious but I have no idea of what kind of workouts/excercises I should do , I´m going to the gym 5 days a week , so do u guys have any sugestions on what splits and sets should I try?. Let my know what you would recommend. Thanks in advance.
  5. resilient

    Working out when tired

    Do you guys stick to your gym routine when you're tired? I'm supposed to go hard today on day 83 with biceps and triceps as I'm in my final days of Kris Gethin's 12-week daily training program. I got 4.9 hours of sleep last night, yet my body feels like 1-3 hours of sleep. I'm exhausted and...