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  1. CyrusTheGreat

    good shyt test vs bad shyt test

    Can you share your thoughts/experience with normal shyt tests and ones that are indicative of disrespect and/or low interest level. Essentially this question is about how to distinguish the two.
  2. CyrusTheGreat

    When a girl says she think an "acquaintance is hot"

    When a girl you're dating says that she thinks a mutual acquaintance (eg goes to the same college as you two) is hot, what does it mean? 1) Doesn't mean anything. 2) It's a shyt test. 3) It's a sign of low IL. 4) Something else (please elaborate). I'm keen to know you opinion in different...
  3. J

    how to agree&amplify these **** tests

    1.My get to know phase with a girl who lives a bit more far away from me texted me that it would be better if I find smb in my city and she finds someone in her city. I just texted yeah you right. She got mad bcs i answered like this and I said its your words. How would I pass this **** test or...
  4. C

    Was this a **** test and is it recoverable?

    I knew I ****ed up the second I sent it.
  5. E

    Maintaining Your Dignity in Multiple Interesting Scenarios

    Dear recently discovered SoSuave community, Something that I believe will get a lot of insightful responses here the question of retorts. Whether at a party or in the supermarket you may occassionally encounter a person, mostly males, looking to earn your submission in something possibly simple...
  6. A

    She said I have to earn her kiss?

    So I have been out with this girls and everytime I tried to kiss her she says “you have to earn that” I thought it was her playing hard to get but she invites me to her apt and it was raining so I had to spend the night and she tells me to get in bed with her, but I didn’t try anything sexual...
  7. E

    **** Tests

    We all know that women will run their **** tests on men. I wonder if you have any tests you run on woman. Personally I do not have any. I just observe and fish for any condratictions in her stories when it comes to important things to see whether she is lying or just watch her behaviours.
  8. G

    Calling a man honey/darling

    Hello, I have this girl. She's a solid 6 and I'm not attracted to her sexually. A while ago we had a conversation on the phone with her bf. After that she called me again to settle things once more. On that occasion she called me a word meaning honey/darling in front of her bf. I think this is...