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  1. O

    Advice for my Week Off

    Hello Team Suave! I am a 32 yo male in a large city in Calif. I haven’t posted in 7 years but wanted to ask you experts for some advice. I put a lot of effort into my career in my 20’s and it has paid off very well. However, that effort has cost my social and dating life a bit. 1. My...
  2. MessedUpLearner

    How to get from 20 years old virgin to successful DonJuan?

    I was talking with GrowingPains, but I decided to post this here as well so others can benefit from the insight I can possibly receive. So my current situation looks like this: - I don't really go out, so my daily routine is basically going to classes in the morning by bus or by car with my...
  3. M

    2018 Approach/Dating Journal

    Going to try and journal more to get my thoughts down and actively work on improvement where possible. Goals Regain Cold Approach confidence Spin new plates in the Spring/Summer Less dependency on alcohol Have a memorable Spring/Summer 2018