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open relationship

  1. reality250

    Things got a bit out of control, and now I have to decide...?

    My wife and I choose an open relationship, so I can be with other women. I strongly got the idea from cuckolding, since I also want her to feel good. Otherwise, I would be guilty, so I encouraged her. She (40) slept with a 58-year-old man, who came on in her mouth after sex, she told me he...
  2. reality250

    What is going on here?

    A married father (M34) here. My wife agreed to an open relationship, and my best friend got divorced with a kid. This question is all about my best friend, who is a female and has been very close to me and my family for 6 months now. I recently told her I had a crush when I was a teenager. When...
  3. reality250

    If you lose your ability to catch fish, your woman will seek another fisherman`?

    Me 33-year-old man with a business background and a wife, also a professional nerd, discussed my interest in Pickup and open relationships with my wife and a divorced best friend (W35, my best friend from high school). I suggested that as long as he is game for sex and not a relationship, I...
  4. reality250

    Me, my highschool best friend & my GF, how can we proceed surely and very slowly ...?

    We got a live one. Forewarning, I posted here. So that means I accept the terms of me absolutely tearing down my entire outlook on life. Last week, I (M33) went shopping with our divorced (best)friend (34F), who had previously been friends. We had a few flirtatious moments together, including...
  5. reality250

    How would you talk about your GF/wife with other Sets when you come closer?

    At the end of this month, my GF will be outside of country for 2 weeks, we still love each other, and she accepts I am still gaming for just fun. But I always have the feeling I have to hide the fact that I have a kid with her, how to communicate frame that it is all about having fun and...
  6. P

    Open marriage struggle ...

    Hey guys, this is somewhat a special problem. Iam not a native speaker but iam posting here because i think my wife could find threads in my language. Iam 38, wifey 34, we are married for 12 years ( 16 years together ) and have kids 8 and 6. We had an off-/on open relationship ( the...
  7. J

    Girl I've hooked up with is hooking up with other people-how to proceed

    So two weeks ago this sexy chick takes an $80 uber to go out with me solo in NYC and we go to the club and get down to some serious lovemaking afterwards on our first "date". My text game is on point, arousal and intrigue is present on her part, and we hang out this weekend two weeks after our...
  8. B

    Looking for different perspectives!

    Men, I have worked on eliminating my ego for the past few years in order to free my mind from myself. I would like to think that I have succeeded in part. I'm married and am the head of my household. I have set boundaries and have set my family on a course to be great in my eyes. I believe I'm...