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  1. P

    approaching two girls at once?

    imagine two girls who are friends are walking together so do you think i can approach both of them at the same time to be my gf? secondly what do you think of a girl using her friend(girl) to say something to her bf or someone she likes? is it because she is afraid of direct confrontation? one...
  2. inner_game

    What about love?

    New here. I get it, I do. But, what about love? The feeling of waking up to someone, cuddling and embracing them. Looking forward to seeing them and building memories together. Looking at them deep in the eyes during sex and the flood of oxytocin soon following. Do you sacrifice the...
  3. D

    First date mistakes?

    I am in my early 20’s very new to this community and just starting to take dating seriously while halfway through the Rational Male. I asked this girl out the other day I met on Hinge (I know I shouldn’t be using them but just as a backup until everything goes back to normal) to go out on...
  4. R

    From Theory to Action. How?

    First, I just read the Mystery Method. Now I want to start applying the information. Mystery suggests to memorize routines. Where do I find these routines? Secondly, fear has paralyzed me. I don't know where to begin to actually practice game. Instead of just reading about it. I don't have any...
  5. shikiraclare

    saying hello on sosuave

    Would like the opportunity to say hello on sosuave as a new member. I often read through posts to seek advice myself - just as many women as men on here so thought it would be okay to register as a female?. Just as many women contribute to 'good advice' as men. :) hate gate-crashers myself -...
  6. AlexKaiser

    Did I Start DJing too Late?

    So most of the girls I'm interested in are in the 18-21 age group, and before I had no confidence, no self-awareness (I used to think orbiting was the way to go, and the other AFC rumors to winning girl's hearts) and basically no game. After delving into this site and reading up on tips and...
  7. P

    37 years old, game and self-improvement aware... THEORY but not PRACTICE

    Hi Guys, I've been reading game and masculine self-improvement stuff for years. I've got the online business, spent three years travelling the world, got a strong body from working out, and a good library of solid books... I read and experimented with some game back in 2007, met a great girl...
  8. Maximus Rex

    Institute a Post Minimum Before Being Able to Make a Thread

    Considering that this board was only upgraded as a matter of necessity, this request, (like the others that I made,) will probably fell upon deaf ears, however I will make it anyway. In order to prevent dumb ass threads from being made for questions that were already answered by hard headed game...