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mixed signals

  1. S

    Why this sudden change of heart?

    So six months ago I met a girl at a local festival in my hometown. The way she smiled at me and eyed me made it clear she wanted me. Thus I decided to approach her. We had fun and kissed. After that we kept in touch through texting. A week later I coincidentally needed to go to her town for an...
  2. J

    Help me handle this attention *****. The best advice gets a cookie.

    New in the class. Hottest girl in the school in my class. Has a group of AFCs treating her like queen everyday (a lot of kino). We talked first day and second day she basically smiled at me she hugged me first(didnt even know my name at this point) and flirted like crazy. I played my Don Juan...
  3. pyros

    ****-teaser mixed signals

    I went to a latin club with a female friend of mine and she brought one of her female friends who is a latina single mom at 23, but she's hot. We were there for a few hours dancing etc, and this girl (not my friend) was talking to me a lot. At first she was a bit cold, but after an hour or so...
  4. mynameisntNigel

    A Week in the Life

    Last week I had some experiences to ask about here on this forum. I don't post here much, and I may have earlier but the forum was unavailable the day I visited a few weeks ago. anyway, this is a nice new look. Have you ever just had enough? Do you ever just feel tired of a rough patch? I'm 17...