1. L

    djbc week 1 (28yr/old)

    I've read the outline and week 1 a few months ago and finally got around to starting it, and here are my reflections from day 1. I've been wearing V-necks for like the last year since I'm jacked and like to show off my muscle. I ex-coworker, who was seemingly out with her boyfriend, saw me in...
  2. M

    Daygame to attract mature women

    Hello, Do you think the daygame is effective to attract older women? 30-45 years old women. All daygame blogs focus on young women, below 30 years old. I wonder the age is important or not. I am 24 by the way, but thanks to baldness I look 28-30 at least.
  3. M

    Women 35-45

    I noticed that advices on this forum usually don't work with single/divorced women/moms 35-45yo. Am I wrong? Can you share some tips and specific advices for mature women? I am 47
  4. jgoodz

    At a fork in the road of life. ( LTR Advice Needed )

    First off, I've been coming to this site since I was about 21 years of age... I am now 33 and been with my girlfriend for over a year and a half now. She's 2 and half years older then me (35 now) and she's very smart, mature, fun, down for whatever most of the time and we have the same views in...
  5. P

    37 years old, game and self-improvement aware... THEORY but not PRACTICE

    Hi Guys, I've been reading game and masculine self-improvement stuff for years. I've got the online business, spent three years travelling the world, got a strong body from working out, and a good library of solid books... I read and experimented with some game back in 2007, met a great girl...