1. devilkingx2

    How has learning game (whether red pill theory or PUA tactics or anything else) helped you?

    There's been a lot of anti-game hysteria here lately so i figured that it would be a great time to make a thread about the other side of the coin, So guys, lets talk about how game could've helped you in the past, or has actually helped you get a girl. Tell some stories of times when it wasn't...
  2. P

    Looks matter - A guide to improving the way you look

    You know, you would see all the girls and the media tell that looks don't matter, that it's whats on the inside that counts, if you are nice you would get a girl, blah blah blah! All the above is pure b***sh*t. I tell you looks matter. And they matter a lot. You are going to be judged by your...
  3. darksprezzatura

    Truths and Realisations

    "Dark, what do you mean by truths?" Truths which might sound distasteful to you. Truths which you've been running away and living your life as a lie. "But Dark, I am an alpha and I've had many girls. I get laid all the time. Check out my new model girlfriend. I know all these truths" Shh...
  4. darksprezzatura


    Men's lifestyle satisfy a woman's hypergamy. Guidelines to style: Wear one or two unique accessories for people to comment on. Wear fit clothes always. Beauty mathematically boils down to symmetry and proportion Never wear cheap cologne. Go for expensive perfumes. I prefer Cool Water...
  5. DiegoSantori

    A haircut can change your life

    Example 1: Old: New: Example 2:
  6. DiegoSantori

    Today I realized once again how powerful looks are (no negative thoughts involved)

    Today I was walking down the pedestrian mall when I saw that guy surrounded by three women. He had a shaved head and piercing blue eyes. The very first second I saw this guy and his girls, I already noticed how one of the ladies playfully touched his shoulder and teased him a bit. All three of...