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  1. B

    How to develop your alpha side?

    Rollo uses the phrase "Alpha ****s, Beta bucks." for the two sides of female hypergamy. Since I'm very young (20), it makes more sense to work on my "alpha" side, bc. girls my age are more attracted (or aroused as Rollo says it) to that than to a "good faithful provider". Now I don't wanna be...
  2. F

    Just got dumped by a 10/10 borderline and Im ready to redpill

    Man I feel low. So some backstory first relationship was 5 years ended in her cheating and leaving with a guy from work. Second was a 16 year marriage ended in her having a affair and leaving me for a cop, third was a girl who spun plates (I was one, though the "priority") even though should...
  3. HyenaPrince

    Chris Rock said...

    Women, children, and dogs are loved unconditionally. A man is loved under the condition that he provides something. What are your thoughts?
  4. Black Magic

    Strong mutual attraction with a coworker who's engaged

    I'm sure many of you will tell me to run, not walk away from this situation, but perhaps I need a reminder. A very cute girl at work with a complimentary personality to mine shows very clear signs of interest. Extended eye contact, asking me to open a difficult jar of...whatever it was, walking...
  5. S

    Your opinions on MGTOW/Red Pill?

    Hi guys. Recently, I have been really anxious and lost from so many mgtow/red pill videos I have seen. I have heard so many horror stories about relationships, "truths" about female nature (hypergamy, women don't actually care about you unless you can provide them something, etc.) And that game...
  6. B

    My First Thread - How Right You Are

    I ran into The Rational Male on the web and found myself intrigued, to say the least. I ended up listening to the audiobook version and then looking up articles on the website. I don't agree with everything presented, but man, a hell of a lot did make sense. And I'll tell you why. Over the last...
  7. P

    Society's attack on the Alpha.

    I was recently following up on popular scandals on the internet when I ran into several articles on R. Kelly and how scandals seen to follow him but this has never deterred him from achieving tremendous success in what he does. What caught my attention was how a beta-male-feminist by the names...
  8. B

    A friend always goes after older women with baggage - kids etc - then vents to me how bad it is.

    I have a good friend that I have been friends with for a long time. He's the same age as me, early 30s. I am single and loving life as a new red pill aware guy. He has had several relationships in the past five years or so that have always been with women with baggage - kids, divorced etc that...