hard to get

  1. J

    the one that eludes me

    Older gents - there is always one woman that you have your eye on.... am not holding up my life for this one but trying to work out how to either determine if there is any interest or move on. Note - I try and keep a few ladies on the go "spinning plates" at the forum would say, but need some...
  2. F

    Did I Play This Right?

    The Sparknote Version: This girl I've been seeing (haven't banged yet) assumed I was DTF (I am), and I played hard to get. She's been acting cold since, I suspect she's insecure and thinks I don't want her. I haven't communicated with her in about five days. Did I play this correctly, and what...
  3. M

    Suggestions on how to proceed when you've revived a girl's interest.

    Timetable is as follows: - felt connection with a client off the. bat and went on a few dates after I left that job, seemed hitting it off over the course of about a month, etc. - really liked her (oneitis level feels) and it showed, which caused me to fear escalation, abandon plates and be...
  4. mynameisntNigel

    A Week in the Life

    Last week I had some experiences to ask about here on this forum. I don't post here much, and I may have earlier but the forum was unavailable the day I visited a few weeks ago. anyway, this is a nice new look. Have you ever just had enough? Do you ever just feel tired of a rough patch? I'm 17...