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the one that eludes me


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Jul 31, 2020
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Older gents - there is always one woman that you have your eye on.... am not holding up my life for this one but trying to work out how to either determine if there is any interest or move on.

Note - I try and keep a few ladies on the go "spinning plates" at the forum would say, but need some external views on this particular unicorn (any assistance helps):
Brief history:
1) Know the lady in question from Yoga class
2) Never made much of an effort as she had a long term boyfriend
3) At the xmas party about 12 months or more ago , heard she has split up
4) So make the move, keep my next date for the night waiting at the bar - was heading to the Xmas gig and then meeting a girl afterwards
5) I chat to yoga girl, keep it light, say it would be great to catch up socially, and ask for her number, she gives me her phone and I put my number in, but like a jackass forget to give my own phone a missed call
6) to resolve the fail - I connect on Facebook - send a note to follow up ......... nothing .... ok so move on.
7) more recent social gig with the yoga crew we chat - she remembers the exact conversation we had ages ago
8) I organise a social dinner with buddies that I think she will attend, she turns up with another guy,
9) a mutual girlfriend says its not all rosey with the new guy, I am not fussed , as I dont want to be the guy who she gets over the last relationship with.
10)So at this stage I try not to pay too much attention to her, I mean I have asked the question (would you like to go out), and we chat if we cross paths before or after class but not always
11) its funny its like we have this really awkward energy - each now too cool for each other haha, anyway I might be a bit aloof but dont want to come across like I am looking for every opportunity to try and strike up a conversation.
12) so today she comes and plonks her yoga mat down right behind me in class ,, lol so you try and connect but its a bit awkward
13) we have a lot of mutual friends and the challenge is I just dont want to upset all that - so try to be classy but direct.

Anyway any strategies or tips that could shift things in my favour would help. I think there is some interest, but I probably need to be more assertive - thanks in advance for your help and consideration of my post