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  1. B

    I don't have friends

    When I think about my life, then I realize no one really gives an f about me. I have a history of being bullied (bc. I was the smart kid), I got excluded and ridiculed in highschool and currently no one wants to have me around or even talk to me. (People often aks me something and when I answer...
  2. E

    Problems we face in international dating and making friends around the world.

    Hey, everybody! I am a member of a small startup. We try to find the solution to make new friends and relationships online easily. I would like to discuss problems that usually appear when you date worldwide online. It would be nice to make a call with you to get feedback. Thanks a lot.
  3. F

    First Post: I Helped Get My Friend Off, Now She Has Me Blocked On All Socials

    So introduction - Hey everyone, I'm Brian. I'm 26 (27 in March) and I was introduced to The Rational Male and The Game about 1 year ago. I've read both books and am rereading The Game right now. Never thought I'd need a forum like this or a community (thinking I could just rely on books), but...
  4. D

    A friend in need... Indeed?

    There is a problem that needs a resolution. So I come here to you, brothers, for advice. But before the main point, a background story. I was 18 and just had a transformation from being a fat, shy boy to being a socialite. This is partly because of the fact I got rejected from a crush I had on...
  5. GoodOne123

    Ways to reduce anxiety/stress

    I have learnt that stress and anxiety are affecting my life, and have recently made it my mission to significantly reduce them. I tend to worry a lot during social interactions, whether I am coming across the way I want to. For example I worry if I'm coming across as unlikable or awkward at...
  6. J

    Ignore, keep chasing or just be friends with her

    Hi. So, i don't really know what to do with this girl from class - i've had a really big crush on her for about 2 -3 months (oneitis, i know) and we've talked for 6 months. Since the beginning, she has been (very) physical and flirting with me which i have reciprocated and intensified since...