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Flaking low level interest


Don Juan
Jul 30, 2016
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my last 2 set up dates both flaked in the same way - date and time confirmed 2/3 days before date - 1 was a first date, 2nd was a 3rd
Date (at my house) - both times after 20 minutes of no show I ring them and they both say they were waiting for the time to be confirmed!!! - accept its low interest but I think it's low level behaviour - 3rd date I'd prepared lunch. Both apologised (I'm so sorry etc) - 1st date don't care but 3rd date bit annoying and said you've wasted my time - I then texted To say drop me a note if you want to meet and you should formally cancel if you can't make it to call her out on her behaviour - felt the right thing to do - will get some more dates lined up - words of encouragement please!