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  1. T


    How do you deal with flaky women?
  2. T

    LTR: Called her out on a flake and now NC

    Hi everyone, Me (26) and my GF (27) have been dating for a little over 6 years now. She has terrible anxiety. Over the years this anxiety has often been at the cost of me and everyone around her. Some examples: she won't take any pictures with anyone, including me, unless she feels like she...
  3. F

    Did I Play This Right?

    The Sparknote Version: This girl I've been seeing (haven't banged yet) assumed I was DTF (I am), and I played hard to get. She's been acting cold since, I suspect she's insecure and thinks I don't want her. I haven't communicated with her in about five days. Did I play this correctly, and what...
  4. P

    Getting flaked on all the time lately

    Well, the title says it all. Three girls flaked on me in a very short time period, so it can't be a coincidence. Well, some backstory is in order. I decided a few months back that I am tired of clubbing, drinking and that I wish to enter another relationship and been actively pursuing the idea...
  5. pyros

    second date flake...

    I met this chick on Tinder a weeek ago. She texted me a few times during the week and then we went on one date, and it was very good. We actually clicked pretty well, and she was very cute. She said a few times that she was 'crazy' though. I gave her a small kiss at the end of the date but I...
  6. Maximus Rex

    If You're On So Suave, Then Why Don't You Listen?

    I've noticed a trend on here of late, where dudes are given advice, then the dude simply doesn't take heed to the good advice and/or he pays attention to the bad advice that was given because the bad advice coincides with a predetermined plan of action that he already had in mind. I speak...