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  1. casanova

    Why Relationships Fail

    this is a thread that is going to be the affecting factors of why your relationship is failing... the first reason, and it is the most important reason for this consequence, the number one rule for anybody before going into a relationship is to never change the person they are dating. I'm not...
  2. BeTheChange

    [MUST READ] SMASHED MY PERSONAL BEST – 7 days, 5 dates, 4 lays. Here’s what I learned

    Quick caveat. I’m on gardening leave until January, when I start my new role. This week I spent my days in the gym, cooking, and reading the Rational Male and Irwin Shaw novels (cheers for the recommend on that one @fastlife. Great read) This has afforded me the luxury of time. What I liked...
  3. G

    Absurdly caught up over "almost" cheating with this girl

    Let me start this by saying I'm an amateur gamer, so even where I got was a pretty big step for me. Summer school college course (lasted a total of 5 weeks), damn fine looking 8, asked her out she says she has a boyfriend. Needless to say I cut contact and she keeps texting me at like midnight...
  4. DiegoSantori

    If it doesn't come to you naturally, don't try it.

    There are things in life that always came naturally to me like friends or professional achievements. I never asked for a friend, yet there were always guys who invited me to parties and wanted to gain my friendship. My professional life is just as trouble-free. I've always done my best and the...