1. M

    Dating, social media

    Ok guys now I'm curious to hear your opinions and every day I can think of one haha It often happens that girls who follow me on social networks unfollow me for no reason It would seem that they are not interested but once I dated a girl who years ago removed me from facebook and revealed to...
  2. touma.akagi

    Laura Loomer was banned from Facebook, paid Zucky's castle a visit

    Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopolous and Alex Jones were all banned from Facebook, and its child app Instagram, a few days ago. Laura actually found out about her ban from Instagram 30 minutes before it was supposed to happen, as people were in on it, and she was able to make a...
  3. backseatjuan

    Clean up social media & reevaluate friendships

    TOO DO: Clean up social media accounts. Put up good photos, and only good photos, get rid of garbage posts. Look up celeb social media accounts, and imitate their style photographs and posts. Reevaluate friendships, all of them. Everything not fitting with new agenda becomes and acquaintance/
  4. AJHook

    No Facebook & Meeting Women; The Concept of Social Proof

    Greetings gentlemen, As a young prospective DJ machete-ing his way through through the jungle of dating and seduction uncertainty, I'd thought I would bring up topic of discussion which appears to me to be a new obstacle. As a 28 year old, I have been without a Facebook account for 3 years...
  5. AlphaNate

    Nice guy gets blasted by his princess on social media

  6. Maximus Rex

    Why Are You Her Facebook Friend or Following Her on Social Media?

    I notice that a lot of dudes are more than willing to add some random chick that they've just met to their social media platforms. Now I can understand this strategy if your at and intermediate or advance stage of the game and you're trying to generate social proof. However, most dudes who...
  7. pyros

    girls that use all social networks...

    so, what do you think about these type of girls? last night I met a chick and she told me that she uses fb, twitter, instagram, snapchat etc... a lot. She said that she uploads a lot of pictures... I barely use fb. Thoughts?
  8. pyros

    winks on fb

    So, do you have any success sending winks to girl you find hot on FB? I don't. Almost zero girls reply to my wink...