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    Dating/plate exhaustion

    For people who have been plate spinning for a while, do you get exhausted from it? Im very introverted and have been spinning a few plates the past couple months and just feel super drained and now just want heaps of time to myself. I tend to withdraw socially when I feel like this and...
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    I injured my d1ck during sex

    This is a very weird thing to post but I wonder if anyone has had a similar situation. Basically occurred due to me being very drunk and miscalculating.. It is very bruised and swollen, don't know how long it will take to heal (have been to the er about it and no surgery required). Would you...
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    What do say if plates try find out your plans on unavailable days due to other plates?

    For example, "what are you doing XYZ day?" (When you have dates scheduled with someone else). Atm I'd currently be a bit vague, say I'm meeting up with people/friends, say what I'm actually doing but not that it's a date. Maybe steer the topic elsewhere. I'd rather not outright lie.
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    How long do you wait before setting up 2nd date

    Went on a decent first date yesterday and said I'd msg her (maybe didn't need to say that but too late now). How long do you guys wait before setting up the next one? 1 day? 1 week? Doesn't matter? Let her do it? I suspect guys here might say the last one but personally I've not had any issues...
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    My First Thread - How Right You Are

    I ran into The Rational Male on the web and found myself intrigued, to say the least. I ended up listening to the audiobook version and then looking up articles on the website. I don't agree with everything presented, but man, a hell of a lot did make sense. And I'll tell you why. Over the last...