1. N

    Out Solo?

    What's up fellas. I want to head out tonight and tomorrow to practice game and put new found confidence into action. Maybe even get off with a girl in the club. Problem is, none of my friends seem game. It seems a bit weird to go by myself.....maybe I should just say I lost my friends and go...
  2. P

    Essentials for night club game??

    I am going to a night club on 14th feb as our college has organized an event..What should I carry with myself? I can think of few things at the moment: mints, pocket deodrant/perfume, an extra t shirt or jacket, rehydration salts chewables, hankerchief... Did I miss anything??
  3. J

    night game good start but bad end

    Hey Guys I always make out with girls in the club but I never get the girl to go home with me. Do you have any tips how to go from the club home with the girl? What are some rules or nogos in the club like what is seductive and what is too needy? btw im 20
  4. B

    Is approaching women at the club for low value men?

    I believe the club is a dwelling for many low value men to lust over women. The majority of men will eye up women but not approach, and the few men whom do approach will not get anywhere. When you speak to a lady at the club you're already in a subservient position, because you've revealed...
  5. powersize

    How do you approach girls in the club?

    Hi folk. How do you usually approach girls in the club? Do you have any frame? How do you recognize whether her interest is high and she would love to talk with you?
  6. M

    2018 Approach/Dating Journal

    Going to try and journal more to get my thoughts down and actively work on improvement where possible. Goals Regain Cold Approach confidence Spin new plates in the Spring/Summer Less dependency on alcohol Have a memorable Spring/Summer 2018