1. T

    LTR: Called her out on a flake and now NC

    Hi everyone, Me (26) and my GF (27) have been dating for a little over 6 years now. She has terrible anxiety. Over the years this anxiety has often been at the cost of me and everyone around her. Some examples: she won't take any pictures with anyone, including me, unless she feels like she...
  2. GoodOne123

    Ways to reduce anxiety/stress

    I have learnt that stress and anxiety are affecting my life, and have recently made it my mission to significantly reduce them. I tend to worry a lot during social interactions, whether I am coming across the way I want to. For example I worry if I'm coming across as unlikable or awkward at...
  3. G

    My Case - Is full Recovery possible?

    My Case - Is full Recovery possible? Hi SoSouave Members, its probably a long shot but i´ll try it anyway. First of all I respect and adore everything all you guys put into this forum and your skills and talents with women - it is mindblowing for me that this stuff seems to work! My case...
  4. resilient


    Anyone good and consistent with meditation? I've tried to meditate here and there a few times in my life. One month shortly after I first joined SoSuave many years ago, I did a 30-day to success challenge of meditating daily for a month. At first it was 5 mins, then 10, 15, 30, and finally 45...
  5. J

    Dating a girl with anxiety

    Dating a girl with anxiety and she is not use to people working through that disorder so she continually tries to push me away. Basically told me that the attention im giving her is making her fearful. We stopped talking the day before her birthday. Should I wait a while and continue to pursue...
  6. E

    LTR, feeling anxiety of losing her

    Hi there, Recently I posted this thread talking about my new girl and my concerns. However, it's been great since that thread, until after this weekend. She has been with me the whole weekend, we went to have lunch, dinner, cinema, we had a lot and good sex, etc... However, I do not why but I...