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Recent content by ZTIME

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    Does a DJ stay home to help mom and siblings?

    Do what is needed and be rewarded for it. Did your mom post on a forum when you were born to ask if she should take care of you?
  2. Z

    Is it virtually impossible for a chick to actually like you for you.

    But is it impossible for a chick to possibly like your looks, smile, sense of humor, kindness, cool personality, ambition, etc? You're right! These are dependent on you perceptions. Go with...... I'm awesome.... I am who I am....fvk kindness...... don't judge my personality.... and if you...
  3. Z

    The 3 "T's" in Male Physical Attraction

    Soo disappointed!! Triple digit income Two million $$ house And she has two to three kids! 3 Ts perfect
  4. Z

    Going to a bar alone to practice our game

    Great story and good for you. Little advice if I can. In life you get one number that can always connect you to more. Everything is not about the lay......... it's about the connections you want to lay. You're the prize. Imagine that girl you would never text introducing you to girls you...
  5. Z

    She's Back

    Haven't been back to SS in awhile. I see the new breeds don't help, just brag. My question is...... about what?
  6. Z

    6 Months NC – Should I Unblock My Ex?

    Here's the rule book and the level you may wish to pursue after a break up. 1: I'm fvckn awesome and I can replace that chick in a heart beat! 2: I let myself go and it's going to be harder to replace her. (Needy guy sneaking in). 3: since she has left I haven't gotten into the physical form...
  7. Z

    Has anyone had a girlfriend/wife die...?

    Doesn't really feel anyway sir. I guess it would matter on the time invested. I knew a girl for two weeks or I dated her for two years equates to the emotional investment. Death is an irrelevant topic since we are all born to do so.
  8. Z

    Anyone ever get tired of starting over again and again?

    The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. Maybe in this case expecting the same result in a pseudo ground hog day kind of way. Perhaps you're screening for the next LTR instead of the next ONS. Perhaps you're looking for the new...
  9. Z

    Monogamy or beyond? What would be your most ideal relationship set-up?

    Been a hot minute since I've made my way to SS. Sometimes it's best to leave the path of pre programmed doom, and experience your surroundings with no pre conceived notion. However, I will always come back to see how the people who helped me when needed are doing. LYD, I've missed some of...
  10. Z

    Purpose of Life?

    Aahhhh, we have the opinion of hope and faith. A little convoluted yet the argument the same. We're often fooled by the fact that hope is a beggar. We want soo much to believe that the rules of society or the upbringing we struggled through have some significance to life. Like we paid the price...
  11. Z

    Purpose of Life?

    Good question yet you would need to quantify it by understanding who's purpose your asking about. Do you believe in a god like entity who has predetermined a set path for you, or set rules you must abide by to create your after life? Do you seek the approval of others and desire to see your...
  12. Z

    What's my title???

    Got em all. Learned a lot here on this site. 1. Most 4 nights a week. 2 nights max if I have to drive to her place.....the rest she drives to me. 2. Sex anytime I see her. More the twice a day of it's an all day thing. 3. We cook together. We go out often (with social groups or alone). 4...
  13. Z

    What's my title???

    I get what you're saying, and it's not that I am not willing to walk away. I just don't use it as leverage, as I feel I'd be stooping to her level. When I want to hang with my friends......I do. She may be upset, but I go when I want. If I have a business trip, I go......It's really her...
  14. Z

    What's my title???

    Thanks. The responses you posted are the ones I use, but it's just the stupidity that frustrates me. The no problem is always easy. The walking away is something I normally don't do. I just go about doing my own thing and go ghost for a while.........then the phone starts to blow up. "I'm...
  15. Z

    What's my title???

    This modern relationship stuff is really not conducive to the lifestyle I like to live! Update: I agreed to be in a monogamous relationship with this lady I've been seeing. Once that was done the minor **** tests begin. 1. My free time is questioned and often frowned upon when hanging with my...