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    Field Report - Thank you SoSuave & The Red Pill Community!!

    @BeExcellent @LARaiders85 @mrgoodstuff @billtx49 small question. I am still pondering if I should allow this girl go to on the trip with me or make her lose her $2,000 investment into the trip so far. even after I broke up with her, and she knowing why (but still begging me to please give...
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    Field Report - Thank you SoSuave & The Red Pill Community!!

    Lol! I actually had fun with this one. I could have seen right through her, and I don't know if she was so delusional or if she indeed felt like she could manipulate me so easily. I sure wasn't beta with her. She chased 90% of our time together (7.5 months). I hardly ever called or texted her...
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    Red flag: When she's a little too "into you" too quick.

    in hindsight, this is very true!
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    Field Report - Thank you SoSuave & The Red Pill Community!!

    Hey guys! so i've posted several times on this forum about my experience so far with my "girlfriend". I was warned and given so much great advice on here! and along with reading heartiste and rollo tomassi, I have understood so much and amazed at how accurate this information is. It's like you...
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    Help with my girl.

    wow. such idealism indeed. I have been there my friend, and just now getting out of it at age 27. I believe you should from Rollo Tomassi: 1. "The medium is the message" - https://therationalmale.com/2011/09/06/the-medium-is-the-message/ 2...
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    Reviving a flagging relationship

    hey guys! so - I've been monitoring WhatsApp a little closer. it's scarily accurate the times when he's active and she's active. I've realized some patterns: when he's active a lot - he's active a lot when he's inactive a lot, she is inactive a lot when he's not online until late hours...
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    Reviving a flagging relationship

    Thanks everyone for some more insight and great advice!! @BeExcellent , thanks as well for your explanation - I've read about this, and understand that the "honeymoon" period ends and we begin to truly see someone for who they are. To your questions; 1. She is not exactly Latina - she is...
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    Reviving a flagging relationship

    @BeExcellent any last word from the wise old lady? thanks ! :)
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    Reviving a flagging relationship

    even if I run game and disappear? you think? it's tough. but not at all impossible. I am preparing for the end. I won't say anything, I'll just disappear.
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    Reviving a flagging relationship

    this is along the lines what I've been thinking. I've shown her what gets under my skin and she is using that against me. I need to get back to being indifferent and outcome dependent. Keeping tabs for now - I believe its over when we're back though. Her attitude is telling. "The Medium is the...
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    Was she playin’ me? Ego damaged.

    sounds like you're in denial; I have been there myself many times and I've constantly been in long distance relationships (I'm in one right now and read my last post). This is blue pill idealism. We need to realize that when a woman is in her pre-ovulutary phase (days 6-15) of her menstrual...
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    Reviving a flagging relationship

    Hey DJs! I have been dating this girl for 7 months already, and we've had our fair share of ups and downs! however, I have noticed some red flags lately; she no longer calls or texts me with the same frequency as she use to she is online on WhatsApp sometimes all day or late at night and not...
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    check these out when you've got some time; https://therationalmale.com/2012/09/10/men-in-love/ https://therationalmale.com/tag/men-love-idealistically/ https://therationalmale.com/2011/08/25/the-desire-dynamic/
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    Women and arguments/fights

    As @BeExcellent said, your power lies in the WALKING AWAY frame. Be willing. Show her. Not by saying, but by actions. I've been dating a girl for 6 months that I've been warned about a couple of times here, including by the wise old lady above. I use to mention about walking away. Well, about...
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    What makes a woman go into Chaos Mode?

    you might want to check this article out; https://therationalmale.com/2011/10/17/indignation/ " On the surface, women have a social responsibility to present the perception that their interests are those of the uniter. Everything should revolve around home and hearth and security above all...